Pisces Monthly Overview Horoscope December -2014


2/19 – 3/20

Monthly Overview

A big surprise awaits you and you are likely to have a very good time at home. A wonderful time to bond with long lost friends and forgive people who may have spoken against you. Some of you feel like letting go of the past and moving on. You will have to take the guidance of someone close to you if you have to achieve your goals. Some of you may find yourself stuck in a difficult situation, especially if you are a teenager; in this case, you need to consult someone close to you whom you can trust. Also, the stars warn you to keep your financial plans totally to yourself. Mid month, you may be troubled by some unwelcome guests at your house. These frequent visits may lead to commotion in your own life. Also you need to be careful regarding where you invest your money as some losses are indicated as the month turns into the second fortnight. Hard work is indicated for most of you and also the fact that you make profits due to hard work. Someone close to you achieves just what he or she wanted and you feel happy about this. Take out a weekend, anytime during the month, just for yourself. A little before the end of the month you feel much closer to your partner and also get to spend some exclusive time with your mate. This is indicated to be a joyous time as you enjoy the company of old friends, family and loved ones. There are indications that a unilateral decision could create some problems at home. It would be wise to involve all those important to you in the process of decision-making to keep peace.

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