Patient Plays Guitar During Brain Surgery

Patient Plays Guitar During Brain Surgery

Patient Plays Guitar During Brain Surgery

A Chinese musician strummed his guitar during a complex brain surgery on Monday so that doctors could assess the maneuvering skills in his fingers as they operated on him.

The patient had developed a neurological condition in the 90s which left him unable to write music or play the guitar. An operation in Shenzhen in Southern China “involved doctors planting battery-powered electrodes in the 57-year-old’s brain, which will last for about ten years” according to the Telegraph.

A neurologist at the hospital was quoted as saying that the musician, referred to as Li Xiaong in Chinese media, had to stay conscious during the operation to help doctors place medical electrodes in parts of his brain that control the muscles in his fingers. “He was able to test the success of the implants during the procedure by playing the guitar,”


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