OnePlus 2 invite system bags 1 million reservations


OnePlus 2 invite system bags 1 million reservations

Chinese tech startup OnePlus has announced that its 2016 flagship killer OnePlus 2 smartphone is off to a good start bagging a whopping 1 million sign-ins for an invite to purchase the device in less than 72 hours. This is a remarkable feat considering that its predecessor, the OnePlus One has sold nearly 1.5 million units to date since its launch in 2013.

The OnePlus 2 will go on sale starting August 11 via an invite-only system where potential buyers will need to have an invite to buy the smartphone. Considering how loathsome the whole process of invites could be for the buyers, the company claims it has ramped up its inventory this time round, meaning there will be considerably high chances of getting an invite than before.  

“With the OnePlus 2, we are introducing a few key improvements to the purchase experience. We’re talking about 30-50x (invites) last year. This means that it will be significantly easier to get an invite from the very beginning,” according to OnePlus.

The process of obtaining invites will be similar as in the case of OnePlus One earlier (it now sells via open sale though). Potential buyers will have to ceremoniously follow the company’s social media platforms and also subscribe to its newsletter.

In addition, the newly introduced reservation system is meant “for those who don’t have time to hang out on forums or social media.”

Potential buyers need to simply enter their email and they’ll receive an invite as soon as they’re available. The company has announced that its early forum supporters as well as OnePlus One users will get priority over others.

Also, the process of shared invites once someone purchases the OnePlus 2 also continues, only this time round these sharable invites will arrive faster, according to the company.

Meanwhile, OnePlus will be giving fans across the globe an opportunity to physically experience the OnePlus 2 at pop-up events in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Jakarta on July 31.

The OnePlus 2 was launched on July 28 in India via a virtual reality event that was streamed from China and accessible via specially designed Cardboard VR headsets.

The OnePlus 2 will come in two variants: 3GB RAM/16GB memory (Rs.22,999) and 4GB RAM/64GB memory (Rs.24,999) and will be available for grabs via Amazon India.

The company hosted a launch party in New Delhi to show off the phone and we grabbed an opportunity to experience it first-hand. Our first impressions were pretty good. Watch this space for our detailed review of the OnePlus 2 in the days to come.

credit  : indiatoday



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