Pak PM Nawaz Sharif satisfied with Delhi visit, looks forward to working with Narendra Modi


pti, june 11,2014

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has written to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi expressing satisfaction over his meeting with him recently and said he was looking forward to working with him in “harmony on all unsettled matters”.

In a letter which was delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office over the weekend, Sharif, who was among the leaders from the neighbouring countries to attend Modi’s swearing in on May 26, said the future of the poor was integrated with “our common economic destiny”.

“I must say that I have returned much satisfied with our meaningful exchange of thoughts on matters of bilateral and regional interest,” Sharif wrote.

A day after he was sworn in, Modi had held a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart on crucial bilateral issues including terror and speedy trial of Mumbai terror attack case in Pakistan.

“I look forward to working with you in harmony on all unsettled matters for the benefit of both nations. Hope that our endeavours will lay the foundation of a much brighter future,” Sharif said.

The letter by the Pakistani leader is seen as a positive development in the Indo-Pak ties, which for last one year have witnessed cold vibes due to the incidents along the Line of Control, including beaheading of an Indian soldier by Pakistan troops.

Sharif’s letter further said, “It is the millions living in poverty in both countries who deserve our foremost attention. I firmly believe that in our concerted efforts lies the welfare and prosperity of our two nations.”

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