Narendra Modi rocks Madison Square Garden


Modi at Madison Square Garden – An event that Indians in America and world over waited for with bated breath has finally concluded. But it concluded in a way that most of Narendra Modi’s events do. There is something special in each one of them and leaves one feeling motivated and elated…. Or simply put proud to have a leader who knows what people of the nation and across the world expect of him – to create a developed India.

With each speech people’s confidence in him grows and as a communicator, one simply gets amazed how he creates that special connect, which no other leader in the recent past could do.

Madison Square Garden event proved that Narendra Modi rocks and he rocks because he cares for people and is efficient in addressing their needs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi captivated his audience with his humility and sincerity when he began by saying – I have not been able to thank you all for your support and cooperation that helped us achieve a mandate which was never received by any political party in the last thirty years. His sense of humour kept the environment lively and people enjoyed every word that fell off his lips.

Source – PMO India

Reminding people of the deep awareness he has of the immense responsibility as the Prime Minister, he said –

_”Winning elections is a responsibility. Since I have become PM I have not taken a vacation for even 15 minutes.”_


His confidence assured people that the nation is in safe hands, when he said –

_”I can say with confidence that this government will be 100% successful in fulfilling the dreams of the people.”_

While speaking of Brand India and its 3Ds – Democracy, Demographic dividend and Demand, he said –

We are the largest Democracy and the power of democracy is visible in the fact that a tea seller can become the Prime Minister.

But elucidating on the aspect of demographic dividend, the youth power of India and its potential, he let his sense of humour drive home the point. He said –

_“In Ahmendabad, to travel one kilometer in an autorickshaw one has to spend Rupees ten. But our mars mission has been achieved in the very first attempt at a cost of Rupees seven per kilometer.”_

Speaking of demand and the potential big market in India, he said that even American experts and diplomats feel that action in twenty-first century will be in Asia and some even feel that it will be India that can become the growth engine for the world.

His emphasis on ‘Make in India’ mission, steps initiated to create minimum Government-maximum governance and the necessity for Clean Ganga project had a tremendous impact on his audience.

But his sensitivity, care and efficiency was driven home in a reassuring manner for the Non Resident Indians, when he announced that PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) and OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) will be merged, they will be given life-time visa and there will be better facilities for online applications and visa on arrival.

The crowd stood up cheering him and this made them feel reassured that here is a man who cares

His final reassurance was extremely moving, when he said – For all the love you have showered upon me, I assure you that I will create an India that you dreamt for. But I also seek your participation in the movement to create a resurgent and developed India.

No words can express the deep satisfaction each viewer felt, when these words were uttered. Everyone felt confident of Modi-fied India.

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