Nakshatra rasi palan 2018 in Tamil panchangam

27 Nakshatra rasi palan

Nakshatra rasi palan

Uthiram  horoscope predictions:

New business plans will give you lots of profit. Your innovative ideas and hard work will be appreciated. Peace and happiness in family will give you confidence. Bachelors will get good marriage proposals.

Hastham natchathiram  predictions:

The year is going to prove very progressive. Sudden money gain is predicted. Chances of promotion are high. New business plans will be beneficial. High chances to move to abroad are predicted.

Thula, kanni rasi chithirai natchathiram  Tamil predictions :

work hard to get stability in your career. Financial side will be very good. Business growth is highly predicted. Marriage life will be supportive. Take care of health of elders in the family.

 swathi natchathiram Horoscope :

The year is progressive and constructive. You have to face ups and downs in financial matter. Time is very good for married people. Business tours will successful. Artists and sportsman will gain remarkable success.

Viruchigam visakam  hosroscope :

Sudden gain of ancestor property is predicted. Old financial matters will get settled. You will get good news from family members. Chances of marriage fixing are very high. Money flow will be moderate.

Anusham natchathiram :

Change in career is predicted during the year . Financial status will improve. New business ideas will be successful. Married life will bring lots of happiness.

Viruchigam kettai :

Financially and career wise the year is very profitable but chances of serious disputes in family are high. You may get some trouble from children. Be alert and careful about each and every matter this year.

Moolam predictions:

Avoid taking risk of job or career change during the year. Financial status will be low this year. You need to save money for your better prospects. Students will find difficulties in studies.

Pooradam nakshatra palan :

Health will be excellent during this year. Business will improve and financial flow will be regular. Family life will be full of cheers and happiness. Students will get unexpected success during the year.

Uthradam nakshatra palan :

Unemployed people will get good job opportunity this year. Financial side will be strong. Old business plans will come true positively. Celebration will take place in family.

Thiruvonam nakshatra palan  in tamil:

sudden property gain is highly forecasted. Business will flourish during this year. Health will be fit and fine. Suitable business proposals will come for bachelors.

Avittam nakshatra palan :

Your intelligence and hard work will be appreciated. Health side will not be so good. New business ideas will be successful. Family will not be supportive in some particular matters.

Chathayam nakshatra  predictions:

sathayam or  chathayam The year is full of financial crises. You may have to sell your property to meet the necessities. Relatives will bring lots of troubles in your life but your life partner will be in support with you. Stressful life may bring health problems.

Pooratathi natchathiram :

Small family disputes can turn into big fights. Career will be dull. Business will not be much profitable. Financial and personal stress can spoil your health.

Uthirattathi natchathiram :

The year is going to bring good luck for you. Business will flourish. The year is good for students. Increased financial status will bring lots of happiness in life.

Revathi natchathiram :

some types of illness are predicted. Job and career will show desired success. Financial side will be strong.  Family life will be stable. Children will give good news.

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