Mudgal Report live: You’re killing the game of cricket, says SC censuring BCCI


4.32 pm: Cancel CSK and RR, says Lalit Modi

Former IPL chairman Lalit Modi today took to Twitter demanding that both CSK and RR should be cancelled and IPL COO Sunder Raman be ‘locked up’.

“Csk and RR must be cancelled. If owners indulge in betting activity the rule book must be thrown at them. Raman should be locked up too,” he tweeted as details of the SC proceeding were revealed through the day.

4.00 pm: Supreme Court contradicts Srinivasan

According to NDTV, the court told Srinivasan: “You are only assuming you have been given a clean chit.”

The hearing has been adjourned until tomorrow.

3.36 pm: BCCI tells Supreme Court not to make the report public

Apparently, this is because it will affect the careers of the cricketers who have been named in the report.

The board also told the court the IPL is a separate governing body from the BCCI, which is a falsehood since after Lalit Modi’s expulsion, the court turned the IPL governing council into one of its sub-committees. It is even listed on the BCCI website as a “BCCI committee”

According to Headlines Today, the Supreme Court did not swallowed the falsehood. It replied by saying the IPL and the BCCI cannot be separated.

Lalit Modi is naturally happy with today’s proceedings:

3.16 pm: Who will watch the game if it is fixed?

The Supreme Court seems to be taken a very dim view of the BCCI and the wait it operates. It wants to know who will come to the game if the fans know it is all fixed. The question is whether they will follow up these harsh observations with equally strong orders. That will, of course, depend on the evidence at hand.

The one thing we know for sure is that Srinivasan continues to deny Gurunath Meiyappan had anything to do with Chennai Super Kings. Since the Supreme Court has accepted the Mudgal Committee’s conclusion that Meiyappan was a team official, if not the owner, that means Srinivasan, and India captain MS Dhoni, gave false evidence to the committee.

3.10: BCCI tells court India Cements owns team, not Srinivasan

The board has trotted out its usual defence of Srinivasan’s situation, saying the company India Cements owns the team and not Srinivasan in his individual capacity. This is, of course, a fig leaf. Srinivasan is the managing director of the company and effectively runs Chennai Super Kings, which is a subsidiary of India Cements.

The BCCI has also asked the Srinivasan be reinstated as president as there is nothing against him.

3.05 pm: BCCI assures criminal action against those found guilty?

The Supreme Court asked the BCCI if it would only take administrative action against those found guilty. The board’s lawyers have reportedly said they will ensure criminal action will be taken as well, though how they can ensure that is anybody’s guess, especially if those guilty have not broken any laws, just BCCI rules and regulations.

2.55 pm: Srinivasan needs to address conflict of interest

The Court has taken notice of Srinivasan’s twin roles as BCCI president and owner of an IPL team:

The board told the court it accepts the Mudgal Committee report “as gospel” despite Srinivasan refuting key parts of the reports conclusions. The court then told the BCCI it couldn’t depend on the board’s assurance as it still wanted Srinivasan to be president.

The SC also told Srinivsan: “An employee of your team was involved in betting, you have to reply.”

2.50 pm: IPL is a mutually beneficial society between IPL and BCCI, says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has made some fairly strong critical observations of the BCCI and the IPL.

Cricket must be played in its true spirit and should remain a gentleman’s game, the court said, according to PTI. “If you allow these things [IPL spot fixing scandal] to happen, then you are killing the game of cricket.”

The court also said the benefit of doubt should go in favour of the game rather than any individual,

2.10 pm: Raj Kundra wants to place his Rajasthan Royals stake with the Supreme Court

Headlines Today reports that in a statement, Kundra has said he is innocent and that the allegations have caused him great reputational damage and much pain to his family. In order to safeguard the Rajasthan Royals, he has offered the court is 11.7 percent stake in the team.

However, Kundra says his offer should not be taken as an admission of guilt.

Srinivasan wants to be reinstated as BCCI president

ICC chairman N. Srinivasan on Friday requested the Supreme Court that he may be restored to his position as Indian cricket board chief and be allowed to function as the Mudgal Committee, that probed allegations of match fixing and betting in the 2013 edition of IPL, has cleared him of all charges levelled against him.


Seeking to be discharged of his undertaking that he would not perform any functions as Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president and resume office as its president, Srinivasan in his response to the Mudgal Committee report pointed out that he has not been found to be involved in any betting and match fixing activities or scuttling of investigations.

“There is absolutely no reason for me to continue to stay away from my elected position in BCCI. I have already lost close to a whole year of my elected term on the basis of wholly false and motivated charges. I pray that this Hon’ble Court, therefore, discharge me from my undertaking and allow me to resume my office as president,” Srinivasan said in his response to the court.

International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman Srinivasan had March 28 given an undertaking before the apex court that he would not discharge his duties as BCCI president till the completion of investigation into the allegations of spot fixing, betting and other charges.

Srinivasan said this in his objections to the Mudgal Committee report on which he was issued notice Nov 17. The committee, in its report, has said that Srinivasan’s son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan was involved in betting though it exonerated him of spot fixingcharges.

Referring to the conclusions of the Mudgal Committee report, Srinivasan said: “I believe the conclusions in the report that I was not involved in any betting or match fixing activity nor did I scuttle any investigation clearly vindicate my stand that all the allegations made against me by the petitioner (Cricket Association of Bihar) and other persons inimical to me were completely false, baseless and motivated out of malice.”

However, Srinivasan sought to brush aside as “minor incident” a conclusion in Mudgal report which said that he did not act against a player who was involved in the violation of the Players’ Code of Conduct.

Srinivasan said that when the allegation of violation of the code of conduct by a player came to light it was not he but Shashank Manohar who was BCCI president. He said that at that time he was the secretary of the body.

“I may add that the incident explained by Shri Ranjib Biswal (president of the Odisha Cricket Association who was the manager of the Indian cricket team when the incident involving the player took place) involving the supposed individual 3 was not in relation to IPL. Further, it was not in relation to any corrupt activity, betting, gambling, fixing of matches etc. but a minor incident,” Srinivasan said in his response.

Differing with the Mudgal Committee report that no action was taken against the said player, Srinivasan, recounting the sequence of steps leading to the said player being administered “warning”, said in his response: “Therefore, it is not correct to say that no action was taken by me and four other Board officials. Apparently, the then President, BCCI had dealt with the issue directly and I cannot be attributed with any inaction.”

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