Most Beautiful but Heartbreaking Wedding that Left All in Tears


Wedding is the most wonderful occasion in one’s life. It is a “happily ever after” that every couple dreams of. But it was not the same for Rowden Go Pangcoga whose wedding went hand-in-hand with his death. While battling cancer, the only wish that Pangcoga, had was to say “I Do” to his long-time girlfriend Leizel. The time was so short that this wish had to be fulfilled in the hospital itself. And, 10-hours after the wedding, the groom passed away.

This wedding not only left the family and friends of the couple in tears, but us too when we saw this video and got to know their story. Take a look at the beautiful wedding of these lovers who came together in the holy union just for a day.

10 Hours was all he had!

The decoration, flowers, veils, kisses, rings, and vows, all the basics for a picture-perfect wedding were in place; but this was not a regular wedding. Rather, it was difficult and full of tears (and, not just tears of joy!).

Rowden Go Pangcoga was eagerly counting the days of saying ‘I do’, on his 30th birthday, on July 8, 2014; but fate had other plans for him. As his bride and loved ones were busy preparing for the much-awaited wedding, Pangcoga was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer merely two months before the wedding.

However, the two lovers couldn’t let go of their deepest desire to get married. Even though they knew their union would be short-lived, they made all the probable arrangements for their dream wedding in the hospital itself.

They brought the church to the hospital!

All the arrangements to perform the wedding were completed within 12 hours, by the couple’s friends and family members. And, since they were racing against time, it all had to be done in the hospital where the groom was admitted.

The video has it all- the bride is putting on her wedding dress and the veil, and getting the makeup done for the most special day of her life; and a room filled with loved ones. There was also a priest reading out vows, and the couple exchanging the rings, and sealing their romantic first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. This video was shared on YouTube by Pangcoga’s brother, Hasset, who posted it and said, “Unable to take him outside the hospital, we brought the church to him. It was like a heartbreaking fairy tale.”

And, that the couple has a 2-year-old daughter is another heart wrenching part of the story. The innocent girl watched and enjoyed everything, hardly knowing or understanding the emotions behind the ceremony.

By marrying hours before his death they fulfilled their dream and proved that even death couldn’t be an obstacle in uniting them.

The story might be depressing for some of you, but it shines through reflecting the beautiful love that the couple shared. Our prayers go out to the couple’s family; May his soul rest in peace!


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