Pisces Jun Overview


Your imagination will help you create something new and impress your team members at work. Enjoy this positive month and accomplish all that you can! This month will be stable on the personal as well as professional front, thanks to a generous Venus. Projects move ahead successfully and you complete your work effortlessly. This is a good time for you to consider making any changes to your career. Your relationship with your close friends will be better as you communicate and express yourself well. You will be required to take on additional responsibility and some important decisions this month. Mercury`s presence may leave you confused and you might end up making things complicated instead of easy. Maintain a low profile where your finances are concerned. The end of the month will however be better and you will see things return back to normal once again. The month ahead will be very relaxing for you and everything will be sorted out due to the generous influence of the Moon. Things will happen exactly as you had planned which will give you enough opportunities to relax in the company of your beloved.

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Tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves Tulsi leaves : Tulsi is cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes, and for its essential oil. It is widely known across the Indian subcontinent ...