Virgo Jun Overview


You seek adventure and find it hard to stick to your same old routine this month. Mars makes you think differently and you are willing to take risks. These risks will pay off. You will achieve success in all your endeavours and will even help out your friends. Your positive attitude is infectious and you motivate others to improve their life as well. The Moon makes you optimistic this month and you accept additional responsibilities. Your leadership skills will help you get through just about anything. This is the right time for you to plan and organise all your work. Love is most likely to take a back seat as you are too busy with work. You will get some breathing time towards the monthend and finally feel relaxed. Social activities related to work will take up all your time, says Rahu. You will meet new people and will celebrate an occasion. Some of you may even come across someone you will really end up liking. On the health front, things may not be so great. Eating out too often can affect your health adversely. Make sure you catch up on sleep after all your partying. This month is a good time for you to learn and improve your skills. The presence of the Sun makes you sensible and you take all your decisions wisely.

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