Scorpio Jun Overview


Good news is likely to come knocking on your door this month, says the Moon. Your attitude towards others will change and you will be willing to lend out a helping hand. A family celebration towards the monthend will give you an opportunity to reunite with your relatives and old friends. Romance is like to make life a bit more exciting for you. Look forward to meeting that someone special! This month, Mercury indicates you have to face some stressful situations. This is just temporary and you will get out of this situation quite easily. Your friends will offer good advice. Use it wisely. Your health may suffer a bit, so pay attention to your eating habits and take care. Also, avoid spending long hours in front of the computer. Things will return back to normal towards the monthend. You make peace with your family and are willing to listen to others due to the influence of the Moon. Some of your family members may need your help so be prepared to devote a lot of time and attention to them. This is an excellent time for you as far as work is concerned as your employer notices your hard work and efficiency and showers you with due praise and recognition.

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