Sagittarius Jun Overview


Things may move at a slow pace and you may not feel motivated enough to get things done. This will happen due to the influence of the Moon. Remind yourself of the consequences of this to avoid such a situation. You may also be required to travel for business purposes. If you have wanted to change your job or make changes in your routine, this is the best time for it. This month you will need to balance things between your family and your office, says Saturn. Both will need your attention and you may find yourself struggling a bit. Try not to neglect your family too much as they could end up being disappointed in you. Take some time out of your busy schedule to spend with your family. You get the support of your family members and they will be there for you. This is a good time for you to do some planning. A favourable Moon will help you get through all kinds of situations with ease this month. Some of you will find happiness in your love life. You will come across someone who has all the right qualities you are looking for. You are instantly attracted towards this new person. Do not let your work suffer by day dreaming too much.

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