Taurus Jun Overview


Your ability to speak your mind will impress everyone at work and home. You will offer good advice to someone who needs it. Your generous nature will help you establish some new bonds this month. People will appreciate what you do for them. You have a busy social life ahead. Meeting up old friends and entertaining guests at home will take up most of your time. You will not be in the mood to work. Some of you may even leave on a short trip. Adventure is what you seek and you will be busy planning fun activities with your friends. By the end of the month you will once again focus on your work. There will be work that needs your attention. Though you may have to work a bit harder than usual you will surely be rewarded generously for this, says Mars. You may face something of a roadblock in the form of opposing colleagues which you have to overcome. Things will become much better by the end of the month. This month you may feel a bit more restless than usual. Keep your temper in check as you are likely to put yourself in an awkward situation due to the influence of Saturn.

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