Aries Jun Overview


Due to the positive influence of Mars you can afford to go about your work without having to worry about any obstacles. The month ahead will be good for you in all aspects of your life. Problems will get resolved if you tackle them calmly. You just have to remember to exercise patience at all times. Some unexpected issues may test your resolve, but do not be intimidated by these. The month ahead is indicated to create some minor problems on the work front due to Mars. Balancing work and home may be a problem for you. Help from someone with more experience will bring about a solution. On the homefront, you will have to be careful about what you say to others. Your words may end up hurting someone who is really close to you. Things will look up for you on all possible fronts due to the combined influence of Venus and Mercury. You will take decisions that are just right for you. Your intuitive skills will work to your advantage and will help you avoid problems. Your friends need your attention and the monthend is a good time to spend some time with them. The Moon will have a positive influence on your emotions.

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