Gemini Jun Overview


Travelling is on the cards for some of you who live away from your family. A reunion will surely lift your spirits and make the month ahead enjoyable. A retrograde Venus will make this month a bit hectic for you. Misunderstandings may affect the relationship that you share with your loved ones. Relationships will improve once you find a way to work through these relationships. Work will keep you busy and leave you with no time to relax and have fun. The monthend, however, is indicated to provide you an opportunity to head out with friends. The influence of the Moon makes you a bit more sensitive than usual. You are also be in a mood to pamper your partner. The month ahead will give you an opportunity to bond with your loved ones and see harmony return on the home front. Friends will be helpful and will offer you good advice regarding some personal issues. Mars makes its presence felt and brings in some challenges your way. You overcome these challenges and other hurdles with your determination and hard work. Your patience will be tested at work and you will have to stay calm to avoid problems and awkward situations. Some changes are indicated on the home front.

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