Mithunam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2016

Midhunam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan

Mithunam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan for Dhurmuki Year 2016-2017

Mithunam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2016: Forecast for Mithuna Rasi ( Stars – Mrigasirisha 3rd, 4th pada; thiruvadhirai; punarpusam ) which is the Vedic Gemini sign, for the Dhurmukhi Tamil year  2016-2017 are below.

Midhuna Rasi General Traits

You are a very practical person, not bogged down with dogmas and theories, you accept change as the only permanent thing in life, so it is no wonder that you have the best survival skills. Being watchful of the changes taking place, assessing the gains with the price to be paid, calculative, you seldom commit mistakes in practical life. You owe your smartness and intelligence to Mercury/ Budhan, the knowledge giver, who is your Lord of your Rasi. As always, these general traits get modified to different degrees by your individual birth horoscope.

Mithunam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Forecast for Dhurmuki Year 2016-2017

This Tamil puthandu Dhurmuki year is forecasted to be a beneficial year for Mithuna rasi persons.

Mithuna reasi persons will achieve success in any task or endeavor which they undertake since Guru/Jupiter and Rahu are in the Keerthi sthanam (House of Fame).

The presence of Sukran/Venus in 10th place will lead to the starting of new initiatives/projects in your life.

Unemployed Mithuna rasi persons will find new jobs. There is a strong opportunity for pending works to restart now. Those Mithuna rasi persons who have been without a job for a long time will find good employment opportunities now.

Marriage is on the card for Mithunam perons this Dhurmuki year. Pregnancy and child birth is also indicated for married couples, as presence of Budhan/Mercury and Suryan/Sun in the Laba sthan (House of Gains) will bring auspiciousness.

Presence of Ketu along with Guru/Jupiter’s grace will bring you house & manayam this Dhurmuki year.

Be careful in matters concerning vehicle, especially while traveling, due to the influence of Sevvai/Mars who is in the 6th place and can do some mischief.

The impact of Sevvai/Mars and Sani/Saturn in 6th position, is not so good as it will create unnecessary problems and running around for Mithuna rasi natives.

But On the whole, this Dhurmuki year of 2016-2017 is a positive and beneficial year for Mithuna Rasi persons.

Mithunam Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Pariharam

Light lemon lamps on Tuesdays for Devi/Amman.

Also offer red flowers to Mars/Sevvai bagawan and worship him

Note: The pariharams can reduce the negative impact of the Stars and the planets. So use these tip wisely to avoid surprises and work for a better year ahead.

Click on a rasi below to view detailed Puthandu Palangal for each rasi in English:

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