Mental Benefits Of Walking In The Rain Get In The Rain And Walk It !


benefits of walking in the rain

John Lennon says that he “can show you that when it starts to rain, everything is the same.” What in the world is this guy talking about?

Rain is often related to sad moments or feelings. In the movies, we often see actors walk in the rain during the depressing moments of the plot, when somebody dies, somebody cries, somebody loses.

It is also used as a sort of foreshadowing to unfortunate events coming up ahead. The point is, the correlation between rain and sadness is a strong and real thing. Or, maybe this is true only in works of fiction. It would be surreal and certainly freaky to have rain pour coincidentally while hearing heartbreaking news in real life unless living in Pleasantville, which should be the normal flow of incidents in that case. Nevertheless, there is a place out there where rain and sadness are in the same bucket.

So what was John Lennon trying to say in his song? He said that he finds it funny when people run and hide from the rain and the sunshine, and perhaps miss the benefits of walking in the rain. He also says that “everything is the same” in the rain and under the sunshine. Well, he surely wasn’t referring to a typhoon. Perhaps a little heavier than a drizzle at most since floods would definitely change the picture.

One thing’s for sure, John Lennon is not afraid of a little rainfall. He’d probably walk right through it if he felt like it and enjoy the mental benefits of walking in the rain.

Literally, what are the mental benefits of walking in the rain, really?

It’s definitely good for those dramatic movie scenes and slow motion music videos. It can also be good for intensifying heated football matches or having celebrities and models wet in their shirts for the common good. But there are also great mental benefits of walking in the rain.

Relieve the inner burden

Charlie Chaplain did once say that no one can see you cry in the rain, one of the clear benefits of walking in the rain. Although you’d still have to work on your body posture and not give away the “inner sadness.” It is commonly said by eccentric people that walking in the rain when feeling a bit down helpsrelieve the inner burden. Perhaps, there is some primal connection between our bodies and Mother Nature that helps our energies flow sweetly. Once done with the gloomy march, it would also be an awesome opportunity to kick back, have a slow hot shower, get wrapped in fresh towels and have a hot cup of tea over the window.

Cool your head

In certain circumstances, when feeling over-the-edge and highly enraged in a situation while rainfall insists, walking in the rain will probably cool your head. One can find a benefit in a rainy asylum. Don’t let the rainfall stop you from escaping an annoying insensitive nuisance who’s bent on ruining your day. The rain is not a wall but just water so walk it.

See things in a different perspective

The world in the rain is a different place. It’s like looking at reality through a different lens. The streets are empty and quiet, steam rises from the ground and the weather is cool. There is something to the rain that changes the encompassing mood to a place and it’s not always the same kind of resulting mood too. Sometimes, the rain is welcome and, sometimes, not. Most of the time though, people avoid the rain. Plazas and streets are cleared.

Perhaps, with the people scarce, walking sadly in the rain gives a sense of space, an enormous amount of it for our emotions to roam free, run wild and ravage the mind with painful images of loss and sorrow, which, by the way, are necessary stages for the process of healing. Who knows, maybe it could help see things in a different perspective.

John Lennon definitely sees things in a different perspective

He could not have possibly been only referring to literal rain. He is held in much higher regard than that as an artist and a songwriter. Perhaps he means, aside from actual precipitation, a different kind of rain, a kind of rain closer to our lives, an obstacle to our destination. Rain represents something beyond our control, like the absurdities that happen in our daily lives. Sometimes, we turn pissant and go about our day infecting the people around us with our negative mood, bringing a wave of minds down a bleak and dark pit. Other times we get disheartened. Our motivation gets drained dry and we fall into a slump, helpless when we are affected with bad news.

Let´s sum up – what are the mental benefits of walking in the rain?

The answer is that we gain strength to keep the bigger picture in place and soldier on towards the finish. We realize that it takes more than just rain to bring us down, that it is possible to withstand these obstacles, and that we will only grow stronger and more capable over time. “Everything is the same” John Lennon says. He means that we should avoid a frame of mind riddled with negativity or destitution, that life is still waiting to be lived despite the rain. “It’s just a state of mind” he says. This is the ultimate benefit of walking in the rain.

Though it is hard to confirm whether John Lennon did actually mean these ideas in his song, there is a clear thought passed through his words about the benefit of walking in the rain and we could hear his laughter at the people who foolishly hide their heads from the rain. It always rains, and you’ll never get to where you’re going in time if you keep on hiding.



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