List Of Upcoming Big Budget Tamil Movies

11th Nov, 2014 05:47 PM
Kollywood have always had talented artistes and technicians, but investing big bucks in Tamil movies were once a rarity and a dream for each and every director in the fraternity. Ask Shankar of Enthiran fame and he will tell you how he struggled to get his script, about a robot falling in love with a woman, alive on screen due to lack of financial support even though the story was ready 10 years ago.Kamal Haasan’s magnum opus Marudhanayagam was shelved as the movie’s budget overshot beyond Ulaganayagan’s imagination. Many more projects have not been considered because of its monstrous budget even if it’s meant to be a trendsetter.

But that situation is slowly changing as more and more producers are coming up to take a risk by investing big money by trusting in the directors’ ability. Movies like Ghajini, Sivaji, Enthiran and Vishwaroopam are some classic examples highlighting the much needed change in the industry.

Of late, many big budget movies have been released and the producers are also making their money out of it as they have learned the trick in investing big budget movies.

As 2014 will make way for 2015 in less than a couple of months, Kollywood is set to be flooded with big movies with a possible potential of elevating Tamil cinema’s standards. While few of those will be released by the end of this year, many big movies will be released in early and mid 2015.

We bring to you a list of big budget movies that will be released in near future which will surely take Kollywood and its audience by surprise as it’s a rarity to see so many big budget movies lined up for back to back releases. What is a rarity now might turn out to be a common factor given the standard rise of big budget movies in Kollywood.

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