Libra Weekly Horoscope for April 19 – 25

Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Libra : Overview – Weekly Horoscope

This week due to the Moon, you may be asked to fulfill some pending social obligations, which cannot be ignored any longer. Make sure that you give proper thought to the matter before taking any decisions. Before committing to something at work make sure that you do the required research to ensure that you will be able to handle this project.

Though the planetary positions are not too favourable, you may be quite comfortable at your workplace as there won’t be any pressure to hurry things up. Relations with superiors will be cordial, putting you even more at ease. However, this week may not be so good for businessmen, as you are likely to miss an opportunity to strike a profitable deal.

An increase in expenses related to family affairs shall leave you with little money to save. On top of it, you may have to lend money to a relative or friend, something which you may not be able to refuse, at the moment. Freelancers may have a difficult time finding a well-paying assignment. But singles may get lucky now, as their search for a love partner may be backed by the stars, and they may come across just the sort of person they may have dreamt of.

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