LIBRA Monthly Overview Horoscope December 2014


9/23 – 10/22

Monthly Overview

Try to strike a fine balance between work and home by making a flexible schedule, with help coming in from the Sun and Venus. Try to avoid important business or financial face-offs. Don’t put yourself through that sort of mental grinder. Wait until mid month when things are less tense and uncertain. This is going to be quite a mixed time where you will need to keep a tight control over your words to maintain domestic peace, advise Mercury and Mars. Learning a new skill will help you move ahead in your career. Essentially, this is a time to take it easy. You will benefit by being positive and taking decisions carefully, say Mercury and the Moon. What seemed impossible gets transformed and things look a lot better. Don’t plan long trips or massive, exhausting shopping excursions. Be lazy for a change. Give yourself a break. On another note, the planets Mars and Jupiter urge you to be large-hearted in your relationships, professional or personal. Your personal achievements will lift the spirits of your family. It is a golden opportunity for you to become a role model for others. It is time you worked hard to achieve your goals. You may find yourself engaged in some form of social work, too.

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