Libra Horoscope Monthly November 2016

Libra Horoscope Monthly November 2016

Libra Horoscope Monthly November 2016

Libra Horoscope Monthly November 2016

Libra Monthly Horoscope November 2016: Overview

Libra Monthly Horoscope for November 2016 forecasts that success amidst struggle, strife and slow growth shall be the theme of the month for your Sign. Don’t expect a miracle to be happening this month as you will be in a confused state of mind and instability will shroud your decision making abilities especially on the work front. The real reason being, the health issues concerning your loved ones will overwhelm your mind resulting in your inability to concentrate at work.

This month take extra care of your health and of your loved ones. Also, on the domestic front stay clear of any arguments or petty disputes this is not the right time for trivial fights, let it go and support each other. This month may bring you severe health issues related to hypertension or breathing problems. Just take precautionary measures and address any health issue with promptness so that your work does not suffer.

Although finances look good this month, unforeseen expenditure may upset your budget and saving a little, but you will be able to balance it well. Things will get better but in a slow pace, so remain positive and keep working hard towards your goals. The planetary configuration this month will bring good changes in your professional life and you will be able to make up for the time lost. Your colleagues will co-operate and help you attain your goals and this will further improve your performance at work towards the end of the week.Libra Horoscope Monthly November 2016.

And, there are three things you will need to remember–to come out unscathed of these planetary vibes. One, watch your temperament, as you are likely to act in a very unreliable and capricious manner, which may affront your colleagues and even superiors at work and loved ones at home. Be very careful during this phase not to hurt anyone by thought, word or deed.

Two, do not be bogged down by looming deadlines and tightening pressure, as this is something that is largely out of your hand. Just give your best shot, and if you happen to miss a deadline by a narrow margin, be ready with a genuine explanation. Third and most important—do not lose hope. There may be frustrations at work, which may force you to look for a new avenue, but the new opportunities may not be very forthcoming. Blame it on Saturn. And, lie a little low till this phase passes.

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