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2015 New Year Predictions for Libra

Libra will be kick starting the New Year with ample career opportunities, growth and recognition. This will also give you a rise in your career, increasing your income, chances of buying properties and better relations with your family. Its an excellent time for all round growth and fruition of your projects/efforts, career, business or social circles. Opportunities related to rewards, recognition, offers and promotions may surround you this year. Those searching for a new job or wishing for a promotion will prove fruitful. Issues related to lawsuits, rivalry and competitors will be on your favor. Also, this is an excellent time to flourish your hobbies and turn them into profitable business

Saturn may slow you down at first and the lessons may seem daunting, but in the long run you will develop patience and resilience. Love, marriages, partnerships, friendships and arrival of new members in family and social circles are foreseen. You must learn to keep your egos aside and let relationships flourish smoothly and easily

The second half of the year might create obstacles however you will discover a charismatic persona in yourself. Be careful and sensitive towards your spouse, Variety is the spice of life so be flexible and adaptable to new developments that are in store for you There could also be a new development in terms of partnerships, collaborations or legal documents pertaining to these. The choices that you make now shall reap great benefits.

A sense of security is entrenched at emotional level as well as financial one. Find time for your hobbies, entertainment and leisure activities and live your life on your conditions.Venus will sway you towards the tunnel of love and romance, hence be ready for a lovely ride! You will acquire a new energy and reinvent your confidence with a makeover or a new haircut.Surprises are waiting for you!

Second half of the year will prove to be beneficial and lucky. work a lot harder and gain/growth through self-efforts is unlikely, but nothing to worry about as you will benefit through partnerships. Keep up the hard work and positive spirit. Travelling will seem hectic and you may need to take some rest.  Saturn will be transiting your 2nd house indicating that you should save more and spend less during this period. Try to remain calm and don’t involve yourself in verbal disagreements. This is the right time to find out who you really are and expand the lines that you never longed to cross before, you may benefit by turning your attention to self-development and understanding the real person inside you. 

Overall 2015 will be very favorable with added responsibility. Love and romance come in forefront as you spend some very pleasant and memorable moments. Now it is your part to plan everything in order to avoid confusion and embrace good opportunities.For the most part you enjoy weaving and dreaming a bright future and even accomplishing the impossible will become possible.

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