Leo Monthly Overview Horoscope nov-2014


23/7 – 22/8


As the month begins, due to the Moon`s positive influence much happiness will come your way. You might be frustrated due to your hectic work schedule and struggling to achieve everything. Do not worry as your family will come to your aid and ease the situation for you. A pending issue will get resolved. Some of you may renew contact with an old friend and feel happy about this development. Mid month, it would do you well to keep your emotions under control. Do not hesitate to ask for help from the people that you trust if required. Trying to accomplish everything on your own will only serve to make the task that much harder for you. Also, someone who is very close to you may behave in an unexpected manner. Whatever be the situation keep a rein on your emotions. Even if you do not agree with what the other person has to say be patient in your communication. Do not start anything new during this period as it will likely not succeed and might be full of problems due to the influence of Ketu. The final week will be excellent when it comes to your personal life in terms of communication as well as relationships due to the positive influence of Jupiter.


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