Leo Monthly Overview Horoscope January-2015


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7/23 – 8/22

Monthly Overview

This month will be full of surprises for you, dear Leo. There is something good hidden for you in every aspect of your life, though it might not be that apparent. Of course, there will be problems and issues, in fact there will be a lot of them, but the good that January brings for you will eventually bring a smile on your face. The beginning of the month will bring some unforeseen problems and troubles. You may feel that your life is in doldrums and will be susceptible to mood swings and erratic behaviour. This can be owed to the negative effects of the Venus retrograde and the Mars in Libra. This is the time when you must keep a calm head and think rationally. On the professional front, things are not looking very positive for you, as you find yourself being wrongly targeted for a gaffe. This will further add to your woes. A quick trip to a serene place or taking a break from work will provide much needed respite. After the turbulence of the first week, life will take a sweet turn for you. You realise that life is bittersweet and it is better to focus on the sweeter part than the bitter one. Venus will turn direct on January 31, and from this day forward, both your professional and personal sector will get a new lease of life and you will be back to being the mighty and confident Leo that you are.


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