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2015 New Year Predictions for Leo

Leos will be getting a mixed bag of results in 2015 with Jupiter entering cancer in the 12th house.  will be guarding your legal, debts, and losses matters. You may look up for spiritual acts/journeys and busy connecting mind to your heart and/or desires. an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective and this change in attitude shall yield solid gains by next year. However you must take every step carefully and wisely to avoid troubles. Jupiter will glance at your 6th house facilitating your queries regarding competitors and any health issues.You need to understand that to be successful in your endeavors you should co-operate and value people and their capabilities.

A phase in which you are confident, enthusiastic and hopeful which obviously results in growth and improvements in different aspects of life. You’ll be easily able to cross oceans of past problems and challenges.You may face some delays and obstacles regarding purchasing a new house or car, but with patience and positivity it all may seem easier. You must not get upset with behavior of your family, as the second half of the year will prove to resolve and improve these issues. “Keep calm and avoid conflict” is the key motto for you in 2015. Try not to take any short cuts in your career path.

In second half of 2015, Jupiter will enter Leo, expanding self-confidence, starting of a new project and recognition.You are now equally appreciated for your contributions and work by your colleagues and enemies. Avoid confrontations with elders and powerful figures/bosses, keep your ego aside and your attitude should be – “What can I learn from this person/situation?”.

Rahu will enter your 2nd house increasing your worldly desires and income. Shopping for luxurious items may be your new obsession. Your family may be going through some new changes and you may be more verbally audacious during this period.Your creativity and your intellect are esteemed by your dear ones and colleagues likewise, all to the good, if not carried to excess.

Venus may make you fall in to a new romantic relationship or may urge you to start a creative project. Your intelligence will be under challenge as mercury retrogrades in the last part of 2015. Be careful with your planning and negotiations.you’re preparing a solid foundation for future and remember that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Your luck takes you on the path of almighty as you begin your pursuit of saintliness. This is a perfect time to get in touch with your higher self and get devoted to some worthy causes. Overall 2015 promises abundant guidance and the forces will be assisting you to press the right buttons for having a comfortable path. Your career may take a new turn this year and you might discover a “talent” inside yourself.

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