Kuchipudi – A Classical Dance of India


Kuchipudi – A Classical Dance In India

Kuchipudi – A Classical Dance of India is the classical dance form from the South-East Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Its derives its name from the village of Kuchelapuram, in Andhra Pradesh, India. As a classical form of dance, drama and music Kuchipudi enjoys a unique place among the Indian classical idioms.

Kuchipudi grew largely as a product of the Bhakti movement beginning in the seventh century A.D. However, it was in the 14th century that the ascetic Siddhendra Yogi appeared on the scene and gave Kuchipudi a new definition and direction.


It is said that there was once an orphan of Srikakulam who was raised by the village.  These kind people had him married at childhood as was the custom of the time.  However, for his training he went to Udipi for Vedic studies.  During his study he acquired the name Sidhendra Yogi.


After a time he returned to Srikakulam.  However, the village elders ordered him to go to his wife’s house to assume his family responsibilities.  On the journey he came upon a river.  As he was swimming across the river he suddenly realised that he could swim no further.  He then prayed to God to give him the strength to make it across.  He did make it, and upon reaching the shore he vowed to become a sanyasi (renunciate) and devote his life to religious affairs.
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