Kanni Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2016

Kanni Rasi Palan 2017

Kanni Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan for Dhurmuki Year 2016

Kanni Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Forecast for Kanni Rasi (Stars : Uttaram 2nd, 3rd and 4th padas, Hastham, Chitra 1st, 2nd padas) which is the Vedic Virgo sign, for the Dhurmukhi Tamil year  2016-2017 are below.

Kanni Rasi General Traits

Attractive, sophisticated, mature, calm and composed, analytical, not prone to making hasty decisions, can charm your way thru difficult situations and win over people, flexible , good learner from all experiences, worldly wise not a distant dreamer, successful . Your Rasinath is ‘ Budh’ or Mercury’ is the bestower of education and knowledge. No wonder If many Kanya rasi people are endowed with good education and corresponding professional excellence.  These generic traits or qualities can get further enhanced or partially subdued depending upon the individual’s birth horoscope.

Kanni Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Forecast for Dhurmuki Year 2016-2017

With a few precautions, this Dhurmuki year will generally be a beneficial year for Kanni rasi persons.

Kanni rasi persons will generally achieve success in all your plans this year due to the beneficial influence of Mars/Sevvai and Sani coming together this year.

Job opportunities abroad are likely this year, thanks to the impact of Jupiter/Guru & Rahu’s positions this year.

Auspicious events are likely to take place in the family this year.

Blissful life is forecasted for Kanni Rasi persons, especially men will see beneficial effects from their wife thanks to the Venus/Sukran in the 7th position.

Due to the malefic effects of Ketu you may end up with unnecessary debts, but don’t worry Guru’s positive influence will prevent the debts from being too big. You may be in a situation of buying a property and this could also create your debts & loans.

You must be careful and pay attention while driving or travelling in vehicle. It is best to avoid unnecessary arguments.

With a few precautions suggested above, this year will be a beneficial year for Kanni rasi persons.

Kanni Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Pariharam

Any malefic effects of the planets can be reduced by doing the pariharams. For Kanni rasi persons, your pariharam is quite simple. Just worship your family deity (kula deivam) by offering Vastram. Also helping poor children in whatever way its possible for you can be beneficial for you this Dhurmuki year.

Note: The pariharams can reduce the negative impact of the Stars and the planets. So use these tip wisely to avoid surprises and work for a better year ahead.

Click on a rasi below to view detailed Puthandu Palangal for each rasi in English:

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