Kalkaji Temple


Dedicated toGoddess Kalka Devi
LocationNehru Place, New Delhi



Kalkaji Temple is situated beyond the commercial complex of Nehru Place in South Delhi. This domed twelve-sided temple is devoted to Goddess Kalka Devi, a reincarnation of Goddess Durga. The oldest section of the Kalka Ji Mandir dates back to the year 1734. It is said that the Maratha rulers looted the temple in the year 1738, after they were defeated by the Mughals in the battle of Talkatora. Somewhere in the mid-19th century, certain changes and additions were carried out on Kalkaji temple by Raja Kedarnath, the treasurer of Emperor Akbar.Still, the temple holds a very modern and contemporary look. The temple gains special importance during the period of Navratras, which lasts for almost nine days. At that time, a fair is held at the Delhi Kalkaji Temple and is attended by thousands of devotees. One can hoards of hawkers near the temple during the fair, which are often accompanied by groups singing hymns and songs eulogizing the Goddess. It is believed that even the Pandavas and Kauravas had worshiped at this temple during the reign of Yudhishthir.

A 12-sided structure, Kalkaji Temple has been constructed completely out of marble and black pumice stones. The entire structure is devoid of any ostentation and comes across as very plain and simple. Everyday, the idol of the deity is bathed with milk in the morning and an aarti is conducted in the evening. People coming to the temple can purchase offering from the vendors sitting just before its entrance. In the backyard of the main structure is an inn, which is known as Kali Dharamshala.

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