Job Search – There Must be an App for That – Part 1 of 5


by Jason Howie

We live in an “always online” world these days. Whether we are responding to emails at our desk, checking updates on Facebook, texting our friends, looking up just about everything on Google, it is never-ending. And when we can’t connect, like the 5 minutes our train goes through the tunnel or the 30 seconds we spend in an elevator, we get very agitated. There is this need to “communicate now”, although my favorite is watching people attempting to walk and text at the same time (and if you have any doubts, check out the amazing number of “texting while walking” videos on Youtube). Well job search is no different. No, not searching while walking (although I’m sure it’s been done), but being able to job hunt and manage your career from (almost) anywhere.

There are a several categories to consider:

  1. File management and storage and other utilities
  2. Job search (finding jobs that match your criteria)
  3. “Help” apps (like resume writing tools)
  4. Communications (emailing your resume, video chatting, etc.)
  5. Social networks (like LinkedIn)

There are probably hundreds of apps across the 5 categories listed above. Certainly too many for one article (hence the 5 part series).

Today’s post will cover 5 job search apps (obviously the tip of the iceberg).

File Management & Storage – So (my) quick definition of this category is any application that runs on a smartphone (iOS, Android or other) that allows the user to manage storage (in the cloud) of files, allows manipulation of files or allows the user to email the files . Unfortunately, there is no one app that will do everything (although some are close). Also, not every app is on every smartphone platform, but many are on both iOS and Android.

  • Google Docs – Okay, so this is not actually an app, but you can access all of your Google Docs files via the browser on your smartphone. There are Google Docs applications from third party developers that will allow you to (somewhat) manage and change your Google Docs files. Not ideal, but a no cost alternative. Google has developed “Google Drive”, which allows you to share your Google Docs items with your cloud drive, however, no Google Drive app was available at the time of this writing.
  • Dropbox – My favorite tool. You can store up to 2GB free and have your files available via an iPhone/iPad app or a PC or Mac desktop version. The mobile version allows the user to email their doc, or edit with a variety of tools (Pages, GoDocs, Quickoffice, Evernote and more). Anything updated, uploaded or changed on any device is synced and available on other devices. The only thing missing is a built-in editor.
  • (aka – The smartphone app is very similar to Dropbox, different interface. Basically, cloud storage but you need to leverage other tools (like Dropbox) to edit your document.
  • Evernote – Access your files, email your files and change your files with the free version. You can’t, however, access your file offline with the free version. The paid version gives you offline access as well.
  • Documents to go – Pretty much do it all. Access Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files saved directly on your smartphone, access files saved saved on Google docs, email files, edit files and create files. Pretty much your own local office with all of the flexibility of email and editing.

Book Corner: Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search

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