Jewellery Designing Career for Creative Minds

Jewellery Designing Career

Jewellery Designing Career Tips

Jewellery Designing Career: To judge your creativity and imagination in the others mind, Jewellery Designing is the best option to start as a career. At this time large opening of the branded market and recent boom of jewellery make your career as long as your imagination.Use of knowledge, creativity and imagination in making design of jewellery makes it profession for the student.

For this profession you have to identify the consumer needs, recent trend of jewellery, what consumer wants etc makes you good jeweller.This job doesn’t end at designing; you can also work in actual manufacturing process in which person use specialised tool and pieces to make their design on it.

How to get start in this career

Jewellery Designing Career: BFA i.e. Bachelor of Fine Arts include jewellery is the best option to start. Formal training is essential to polish their creative skills. Some institutes have already opened to offer diploma and certificate courses. Institute provide long term, short term and distance courses for the student.

This course fee varies from Rs 10000 to one Lakh plus according to the type of program. This course not only increase your designing skill but also help you to learn the basic of stone setting, cutting, polishing, engraving etc. which helps you to become a good designer.

Educational Qualification

10+2 in any stream or even school level can start your career in jewellery designing. It needs only creativity and knowledge for designing jewellery.

Career prospect

 Salary depends on your work and creativity. You can earn 10K to 12k in starting and make lot of incentive with keep rising in designing.

As increase in your experience there is no limit of earning and you can’t expect your salary. You can earn above one Lakh per month. So convert your passion to get high rewards.

There are some institute who provide knowledge regarding Jewellery :

  • Jewellery Design and Technology, Noida
  • JK Diamond Institute of Gem and Jewellery, Mumbai
  • JD Institute of Fashion, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Jewellery, Mumbai
  • Deccan Institute of Gem and Jewellery, Hyderabad




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