Japan spreads its technological knowhow in Asia


Japan spreads its technological knowhow in Asia

Taiwanese computer and smartphone maker ASUS recently launched a new 5.5-inch ZenFone Zoom Smartphone at an event held at National Taiwan University in Taipei.ZenFone Zoom is the world’s thinnest 3x optical-zoom smartphone with an innovative HOYA optical zoom lens module.ASUS has boasted that it can rival SLR digital camera, and also outshine iPhone 6s.

ZenFone Zoom is the world’s thinnest, and the first one to have an optical zoom lens module in the smart phone. The camera module has OIS and the laser focus. This will let the user, even in the very low light mode, sill be able to take a good pictures. Now the user can have a smartphone and they also have the very professional camera in their hand,” said Ivan Chen, Associate Director, ASUSTek computer Inc.

Japanese optical lens manufacturer HOYA invented the Industry’s Thinnest Lens Unit “CUBE” module, with 3x optical zoom and optical image stabilization, which is realized in 6mm of thickness.

In order to avoid the constraints of the CMOS sensor package size, HOYA introduced the dual Prism structure with Ultra-Extra refractive index glass material.This module achieves the high quality zoom by using the Super Low Dispersion Lens and Extra Low Dispersion Glass Molded Lenses.

HOYA also invented the unique automatic optical lens aligning system, which manages the micro orders of assembling accuracy, ensuring both high performance and miniaturization.

We are the pioneer in this kind of category which means, optical zoom in the smartphones. So we expect we can open up this kind of a category of user group to let end users to know how the benefit is. Actually the whole HOYA team did really good job with ASUS team to work out withZenFone launch. That’s why we could launch today,” Chen added.

It’s not only cameras, Japanese firms are making new inventions in building infrastructure.JFE Engineering, which is headquartered in Yokohama city of Japan, has distinctive technology in the field of energy system, environment system and industrial machine.

Designing and construction in these fields are strongest points of the company.It is very positive to develop abroad. Especially regarding pipe line technology it has 50 per cent domestic share and contribute to preparation of energy infrastructure in Indonesia for over 4 decades.

Since 2013, JFE Engineering manages internship for students from South East Asia. It aims to bring up project engineer in that area.Practice teaching is undertaken in the factory “Arch Yokohama”, where five students from Indonesia are learning welding from experts.

They study lecture and afterward production procedure of pipeline and part of it visiting each factory.Students learn automatic welding technology, which helps to improve efficiency as compare to hand welding work.It reduces time and cost,” said Kentaro Jimbo, Engineer of JFE Engineering Corporation

Japan especially JFE Engineering’s technology is very very high-tech. If we can put this high technology to Indonesia it is beneficial,” said a student from IndonesiaJFE Engineering can expand business in the in the infrastructure core solution , also environment. I think JFE Engineering is suitable company,” said another student.

Our products in the field of energy are plant or pipe line. They constitute base of society and country. We hope they study Japanese top technology to utilize for development of Indonesia. They are promising and necessary persons for Indonesia, Jimbo added.The training in Japan will help these students to improve work standards back home.





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