iOS 8 vs Android Lollipop – Which One Is More Stable?


Apple and Google released last fall their latest operating systems and the fans were thrilled and updated immediately, but many discovered that the versions came with bugs and they regretted their decision. Shortly after that, both companies came with new versions to fix the issues from the iOS 8 and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Putting both mobile operating systems head to head, the specialists noticed that Google’s Lollipop is more stable.

Crittercism noticed that iOS 8 tends to crash more often than its rival OS, registering a 2.2% crash rate, while Lollipop had a 2.0% rate. Even iOS7 performed better on older iDevices, having a crash rate of 1.9%. When it comes to Android’s older versions, KitKat and Ice Cream Sandwich, each one had a crash rate of 2.6%, so Lollipop is clearly an improvement.

Many Twitter and Facebook users complained about iOS8’s problems with instability and Apple received a bad reputation for that, so bringing an unreliable mobile software drew negative comments.

As for Lollipop, it’s not clear what makes it more stable, although it has some applications that can crash, but this time, Google managed to be ahead Apple by a small margin.

The specialists believe that the type of device affects stability, and considering that iOS 8+ was installed on 72% of Apple’s devices, it’s understandable by it won’t work properly on older iPhones or iPads. However, Lollipop is installed on less than 2% of Android devices, especially the new releases and because they’re more hardware-efficient, the operating system runs almost flawlessly.

If you upgrade an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2 to iOS 8, you will definitely have some performance issues, but Lollipop was installed on older Nexus devices and other flagships and proved to be more capable of handling this version.

Still, an app crash rate of 2-2.2% is very impressive, regardless of the platform you’ll choose. That means that in 98% of the cases, your application will work great and you won’t experience crashes and other inconveniences. However, many Apple fans are waiting for iOS9 to be released, as it is rumored to be more stable than the previous version.

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