India’s Lion and Germany’s Eagle will soar together: PM Modi


 Berlin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said Germany is a ‘natural partner’ for the ‘Make in India’ initiative, adding that he believes New Delhi and Berlin will prosper together.

“[Chancellor Merkel] accepted the invitation of India’s Lion to raise the level of Germany’s engagement in India and assured me of a strong response by Germany’s Eagle. I believe that there will be a strong partnership between the King of the Earth, Lion and the King of the Skies, the Eagle,” the Prime Minister said, during the joint press statement with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Whenever anyone in India talks about technology, manufacturing or high quality, Germany is the first country that comes to the mind. So, it is natural that when India has embarked on a new journey for ‘Make in India’ for economic development and employment, we look forward to Germany’s strong partnership. Whatever objectives we think of in terms of economic transformation and improvement in quality of life of ordinary citizens, technology, skills, innovation and investment will play an important role in it,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi further said that his objective of visiting Germany has been to assure businesses in the European nation of an ‘open and stable environment’.

“My objective of coming to Germany was not only to invite the German industry to India, but to assure them that they would find an open and stable environment, which would be easy to do business in; and that they will have my full support to invest and work in India,” he said.

“I feel deeply encouraged by the enthusiasm and interest that I have seen in Chancellor Merkel and Germany. Equally, the feedback that I have got will be of great benefit to me in framing our policies. I have also decided that we will establish a mechanism for German companies to facilitate their investment and business in India,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi was accorded a Guard of Honour during the ceremonial welcome given by Chancellor Merkel in the courtyard of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.
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