India vs England, 2nd Test Day 4 Live: Jadeja got first Test fifty as India extend the lead


India vs England, 2nd Test Day 4 Live: Jadeja got first Test fifty as India extend the lead

India Second Innings (295, England – 319)

Over 99|| Score 334/7 (Kumar – 44, Jadeja – 67)

Another one-run over for India as Cook brought back Moeen Ali. Jadeja-Bhuvi partnership is now worth 99, at a run-a-ball rate. India’s lead is 310.


Over 98|| Score 333/7 (Kumar – 44, Jadeja – 67)

After a long time, a good over for England. Stokes conceded only one run and also got a good chance to get rid of Jadeja. But Bell dropped the catch, a difficult chance, as Jadeja launched the ball towards square-leg.


Over 97|| Score 332/7 (Kumar – 44, Jadeja – 66)

Broad take to the cleaner by Bhuvi as India’s lead crossed 300. The over started with two dot balls then four byes, followed by a lucky four off the blade of Bhuvi through the third man area. After a dot ball, Bhuvi got another four in the same area.


Over 96|| Score 320/7 (Kumar – 36, Jadeja – 66)

Four runs off Plunkett’s over to make India’s lead 296. Jadeja, after playing three dot balls, got a three off a short-ball. Kumar took a single off the last ball.


Over 95|| Score 316/7 (Kumar – 35, Jadeja – 63)

Another good over for India as Broad conceded nine runs. Jadeja started with a couple, followed by a single. Then Bhuvi got two dots and suddenly showed his class, for a number nine batsman, with a handsome on-drive. Valliant attempt from Ben Stokes, but the ball won the race. The over finished with a double.


Over 94|| Score 307/7 (Kumar – 29, Jadeja – 60)

Bhuvenshwar, after braving four balls, got one of the front-foot through the extra cover area for a four. He is catching up with Jadeja. What a day for Indian lower order batsmen. With five runs off Plunkett’s 21st over, India’s lead is 283. Jadeja-Bhuvi partnership now worth 74 from 69 balls.


Over 93|| Score 302/7 (Kumar – 25, Jadeja – 59)

It’s all Jadeja at Lord’s. He is all over Anderson.

The latest over yielded 13 runs as Anderson struggled to maintain is lenght. Jadeja got two fours, then off the final delivery Bhuvi produced a perfect a upper cut. Reminiscent of Tendulkar! And India’s lead is suddenly 278.


Over 92|| Score 289/7 (Kumar – 21, Jadeja – 50)

Jadeja got his first Test fifty with a single off Plunket’s second delivery. And some way to celebrate. It’s like he is doing a wushu routine with cricket bat. Then Bhuvi produced one of the better shots of the day, a beutiful cover drive. With six runs from the over, India’s lead is now 265.


Over 91|| Score 283/7 (Jadeja – 49, Kumar – 15)

Sensible batting display from India as both Jadeja and Bhuvi opted to take singles, rotating the strike. Their partnership now worths 48.

Anderson almost got the better of Jadeja off the final delivery. Jadeja got a well directed bouncer from his bete noire, but the ball landed safely as he continues to frustrate the English players. In between, Jadeja got another helmet.


Over 90|| Score 279/7 (Kumar – 15, Jadeja – 47)

Jadeja’s scoring sequence off Plunkett’s over is 0,2,2,4,1 then Bhuvenshwar guarding the last ball for a dot. With these nine runs, Jadeja has raced to 47 from 37 balls helping India extend the lead to 255 runs.


Over 89|| Score 270/7 (Kumar – 15, Jadeja – 38)

Post lunch, India added another three runs to the tally. The partnership is now worth 35 and the scoring rate has also been brilliant since Jadeja’s arrival.


Lunch time stats for Indian fans. A target in excess of 243 in the fourth innings has been successfully chased only twice at Lord’s.

Another fantastic session. The key moments from that 25-over play will be that of Vijay’s dismissal at 95, England’s three wickets and that of Jadeja’s arrival.


Over 88|| Score 267/7 (Kumar – 13, Jadeja – 37)

Indian batsmen negotiated the final over before the lunch without losing further ground, with Jadeja adding another run to the total off Broad’s 21st over.

In the 25-over session, India scored 98 runs losing three wickets. India’s lead is 243.


Over 87|| Score 266/7 (Kumar – 13, Jadeja – 36)

Another good over for India. 10 runs added as Bhuvneshwar joined the party with two fours off Anderson’s over. For a pace bowler to bat this well against fast deliveries, some batting! Jadeja-Bhuvneshwar partnership has so far yielded 31 runs, with India leading England by 242 runs.


Over 86|| Score 256/7 (Jadeja – 36, Kumar – 3)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar survived. Joe Root, standing too close for a fourth slip position, allowed the ball to slip between the hands. Then, Jadeja lofted Broad for a four, which at one time looked like a six. He repeated again with a four, a pull shot coming down the pitch. 10 runs from the over. And the Indian tail is certainly wagging.


Over 85|| Score 246/7 (Jadeja – 28, Kumar – 2)

Another duel between Anderson and Jadeja. The Indian batsman came down the pitch smacked one pass cover fielder for a four off the second delivery of the over. India’s lead 222.


Over 84|| Score 240/7 (Jadeja – 23, Kumar – 1)

Another five crucial runs for India as the match seems to shift England’s way. For India, Jadeja’s innings will be of prime importance. He is batting at 23 from 20 balls with the help of three fours.


Over 83|| Score 235/7 (Kumar – 1, Jadeja – 19)

Murali Vijay finally got out after playing a patient innings of 95 runs off 247 runs. A soft-dismissal considering the amount of application he has applied in this innings. The opener left his bat dangling, flirting with the moving delivery from Anderson. Comfortable catch for wicket-keeper Prior.

Third wicket for England this morning. And India are in dire straits in London. The lead is 211 runs.

Vijay c Prior b Anderson 95 (247b)


Over 82|| Score 235/6 (Jadeja – 19, Vijay – 95)

Another good over for the Indians. Added seven valuable runs as Broad tried all available tricks to get another Indian wicket. Once again, Jadeja got a four of the last ball of the over.


Over 81|| Score 228/6 (Jadeja – 15, Vijay – 92)

Anderson has arrived with a new ball. Vijay played out the first two balls, taking a single off the second. Then Jadeja faced the remaining four balls. No signs of animosity between the two, though. The Indian all-rounder managed to take a couple of the fourth ball.


Over 80|| Score 225/6 (Jadeja – 13, Vijay – 91)

Another productive over for the tourists as eight runs came off Plunkett’s over. Jadeja, who has been playing some shots, guided the final ball of the over through the covers for a four. Two balls earlier, Vijay survived a close call as he chipped back the ball to Plunkett. Three runs for the risk.

India’s lead is now 201 and English players are getting their new ball.


Over 79|| Score 217/6 (Vijay – 88, Jadeja – 8)

Jadeja survived two lofted shots, but on the brighter side, got crucial runs. The question however is, how long will he survive?

Cook stuck with Moeen Ali, and the off-break bowler conceded 12 runs. Vijay started with a double, a single followed. Then Jadeja drove handomely a full toss to the mid-on boundary. Then the Indian spinner batsman tried lofting one, but ended up edging. Luckily it cleared the point fielder, and ran three runs. Vijay took care of the remaining two balls, taking a doluble off the last delivery.


Over 78|| Score 205/6 (Jadeja -1, Vijay – 81)

After the fall of Binny, Ravindra Jadeja arrived in the centre. And soon got off with a single of the very first ball faced, off Plunkett. Vijay took another single off as India’s lead extended to 181.


Over 77|| Score 203/6 (Vijay – 81)

Another wicket for England as Binny’s stay in the centre lasted only 9 balls. A moment which could probably salvage England skipper Cook. He brought back Moeen Ali into the attack with the arrival of a new batsman and soon it paid rich dividends. The skipper himself did just enough to produce a sensational catch, running back wards, at mid-off. The batsman was trying to hit his way out.

Binny c Cook b Ali 0 (9b)

And drinks followed.


Over 76|| Score 202/5 (Binny – 0, Vijay – 81)

Plunkett got his third wicket of the innings as he got Dhoni got caught at slips, by Ian Bell. The ball shaped away from took the bat through to second slip. Good catch by Bell. Wicket maiden from the 29-year-old ringht arm fast medium bowler.

Arrived in the centre is Stuart Binny, to give company to Vijay.

Dhoni c Bell b Plunkett 19 (86b)


Over 75|| Score 202/4 (Vijay – 81, Dhoni – 19)

Another three-run over for the Indians as they crossed the magical 200-run mark. The partnership is now worth 79 runs with those three runs from Stokes’ over.


Over 74|| Score 199/4 (Vijay – 80, Dhoni – 16)

However, Plunkett continued from the other end as England continue their pursuit to break this blosoming partnership between Vijay and Dhoni.

India added another three runs in the total to extend the lead to 175 at Lord’s. Dhoni started the over with a single by clipping towards midwicket, then couple of balls later Vijay got his own single. Then, Dhoni got another single two balls later.


Over 73|| Score 196/4 (Vijay – 80, Dhoni – 14)

Stokes replaced Anderson and in his 14th over conceded four runs as Vijay latched onto an overpitch delivery, fifth ball of the over, to drive through the covers.


Over 72|| Score 192/4 (Dhoni – 14, Vijay – 76)

India started the fourth day in the right earnest with a boundary by Vijay. It started under an overcast condition with floodlights on.

After nine overs play, India have consolidated the overnight lead to 168 runs with Vijay.


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