India first smokeless village in Karnataka

India first smokeless village

India first smokeless village in Karnataka

India first smokeless village in Karnataka,Vyachakurahalli village in Karnataka has become India’s first smokeless village. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has declared the village smokeless as all 274 households have made a shift to LPG stoves.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) led the ‘Mission Smokeless Village’ project with an idea to help women regain their health, and to make cooking easier. In India, cooking has been a tough task in many villages. The firewood used as fuel makes women more prone to pneumonia and kitchens get filled with soot, which in turn leads to health problems.

The LPG stoves and cylinders have been made available for the villagers. An awareness programme was conducted for the villagers to tell them the importance of going smokeless. Many guidelines were given and the women were taught how to operate an LPG stove and how to handle the stoves and cylinders carefully. The women were told to switch off the regulator every night. They were further asked to not keep the gas stove switched on with the utensils on top of it.

Firewood is the most important fuel for many villages in India. Firewood is harmful to both, the people and the environment as it produces heavy amount of carbon di-oxide when used a fuel. The recognition coming for clean fuel is a huge relief for the villagers.

Cooking with firewood is passe in Vyachakurahalli since all households here have LPG. The Union petroleum ministry has officially declared it as India’s first smokeless village, owing to its conversion from conventional fuel to LPG. My compliments to the residents of Vyachakurahalli which has been declared as the first smokeless village in India, tweeted petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) piloted the Mission Smokeless village project here, about 77 km from Bengaluru. The idea was to redeem women’s health, said Moti Sayi Vasudevan, general manager at IOC. Due to the continuous inhalation of particles, women are more prone to pneumonia due to usage of firewood as a fuel.




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