I’ll be happy to work with you: Aamir to Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

I’ll be happy to work with you: Aamir to Sunny Leone

Mumbai Jan 20 , Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan today said he would be happy to work with actress Sunny Leone.Sunny, I wil b happy 2 wrk wid u. I hav absolutely no problems wid ur “past”, as the interviewer puts it. Stay blessed. Love. a (sic),” the 50-year-old actor tweeted.

In an interview, which has garnered a lot of negative attention on the social media and from Bollywood celebrities, Sunny, a former adult star, was asked whether Aamir would want to work with her and she said, “Probably not.

enior journalist and anchor Bhupendra Chaubey conducted this interview with Sunny Leone, which aired on TV a couple of days ago. The actor was on the show to promote her upcoming film, the adult comedy Mastizaade. Thanks to the questions Sunny was asked in that interview, and the way she answered them all, made her the topic of much debate and discussion over the last few days.

In the interview, Sunny was asked whether an Aamir Khan would want to work with her in a film, irrespective of what Sunny wanted. Sunny’s past as a porn star is what the anchor held responsible for Aamir not wanting to work with her in a film.
When asked why, she replied,because of my background?, adding she would love to work with “PK” star.

The interviewer then asked, “So you would want to work with Aamir but Aamir wouldn’t?”

To which Sunny said, “I have no idea. You have to ask him.I am still gonna be Aamir’s fan and watch all his movies.” Aamir also praised the actress for conducting herself with a lot of grace and dignity during the interview.

The interview was tagged as “disgusting and sexist” by a string of celebrities, who expressed support to Sunny. Some of the questions asked were: “There are lots of married women who look at Sunny Leone as a threat to their husbands, do you not care about all this? A member of parliament, in his speeches, has held you responsible for corrupting Indian morality. How do you deal with that?” She was even asked: If Sunny Leone is becoming brand ambassador of New India, is that a dangerous trend to have?

The anchor didn’t stop there. He also asked Sunny if she is the reason behind the growing porn watchers in India.

Since you have come to Indian cinema, the number of people watching porn has increased proportionately to the extent that we are now the world’s largest consumer of porn. Can you respond to that,” he asked.

However, Sunny answered the queries with wit and poise, thereby garnering applause from known names of the film fraternity.


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