How To Balance Your Root Chakra In 3 Easy Steps

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Muladhara – your root chakra – is the foundational center upon which you’re able to grow and thrive. When in balance, this brings feelings of stability, security and connection to the vital survival elements of life.
Grounded and connected
I frequently use the words “grounded” and “connected” in reference to muladhara. We’ve all had the experience of feeling disconnected, unattached and unstable.
As a child, I experienced the loss of my home to a devastating fire. With no home and nothing but a few personal belongings, I was lost. I felt a deep fear that generated a need to connect to something – or rather, someone. I wanted to stay close to my family during this time, but was leaving for school. Being away from my parents created panic and feelings of chaos.
This is an example of how feeling out of balance at your root can impact your entire life. It’s fitting that once my family rebuilt our home, we chose an earth-sheltered dwelling, which is much more resilient to fire and is deeply rooted in the earth itself. It feels incredibly safe.
Establishing your roots
The root chakra forms the base of life and is the foundation upon which the other six major chakras are built. This important center helps set us up for a stable and safe existence.
When muladhara is out of balance, we feel unattached or unstable and we struggle with the grounding elements of life – home, job, money. Losing homes or jobs, making frequent moves or struggling financially can definitely pull muladhara out of balance.
Inevitably, our root chakra will be out of balance some of the time. But, we can choose to create stability during times of instability and we can choose to connect and feel attached to the greater life force that is within all of us.
Here are some ways to help foster feelings of stability and get muladhara into greater balance, no matter what life throws your way:
1. Yoga – Connecting to the earth and honoring the physical nature of our lives can be accomplished through various asanas – yoga poses that have influence on muladhara. The practice of yoga is one that has potential to connect mind, body and spirit and is a powerful agent to realign the body, which eases the flow of energy to our chakras.
2. Meditation – Through meditative practices, we can achieve balance by looking inward to focus on increasing the flow of energy to our root. This powerful spiritual practice can help resolve energetic blockages and can bring a deeper sense of peace and connectivity to muladhara.
3. Aromatherapy – Our sense of smell is linked to muladhara which is why aromatherapy is a powerful balancing agent to the root. Connecting with the aromas of the earth can link our senses to the greater world around us, bringing grounding energy to our root chakra.
Ultimately, balance comes when we choose to make it a priority on the path to a whole and happy life. Take some time to establish your roots, and you’ll have the ability to stand strong when you need it most.

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