How To Avoid Wrist Pain While Typing




People who work in the office normally use computers. Using computers undoubtedly helps employees do their work more efficiently and faster. Using such electronic devices usually involves some of its common usage such as clicking and typing.

But spending the whole day sitting down while typing and clicking may also not be a very good routine for you. By doing the same everyday, you place yourself at risk for various health problems as well as body pains.

Wrist Pain When Typing? No More

Some of the health hazards that you have to be aware of by working in front of a computer the whole day are lack of exercise, weight gain, and maintaining a healthy heart. While the body pains that you might experience from the same situation would be back pain, headache, and other kinds of body and joint injuries. A very common kind of pain that office employees experience is wrist pain. Office employees suffer wrist pain usually by sitting down and typing on a computer keyboard for long hours everyday.

Many people are in this kind of situation but unfortunately, most of them tend to ignore it. They think that it is just a simple pain that they get from typing on keyboards and that will soon go away. But the truth is, the pain would go back once you engage in your work again. You should not wait for things to get worse as this wrist pain can develop into a serious injury (Repetitive Strain Injury – RSI). So it is better to take measures as early as possible rather than suffer the consequences in the long run.

Well, if you are one of those people who suffer from wrist pain, you do not have to suffer and ignore the nuisance you are experiencing. There are a number of ways in avoiding wrist pain while typing.

Maintain a neutral wrist position

First, assess yourself whether you are doing the right position when typing. This is the first thing that you have to learn in avoiding wrist pain while typing. So what then is the proper position when typing on a keyboard? It is very important that you maintain a neutral wrist position to avoid wrist pain while typing. But how exactly are you going to apply that position? It means that the level of your keyboard must not make you bend your wrist towards your little finger or your thumb. This is a common practice among employees who type on keyboards and thus may be one of the main causes why they are experiencing such wrist pains. Moreover, you must make sure that your typing position does not make you bend your wrists upwards towards you. You can practice this correct typing position while having a good view of the keys.

Remember to sit up straight as well. Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed, your arms at your side, and feet flat on the floor. A good posture goes a long way in preventing different kinds of body pains and injuries. Not only that, you will also look good! When you learn how to sit properly in front of a computer, you will look like you are very serious and dedicated to your work. It will also leave a good impression among your bosses and co-employees.

Take a break

Next thing that you should consider in avoiding wrist pain while typing is learning to take a break in between your typing, say every 20-30 minutes. Taking breaks at work allows you to restore your energy and reduces the risk of any kind of injury. And the best way to do this is to take your hands off the keyboard, stand up, and then just let your arms sag at your sides. This will allow your wrists to relax and take a rest from the strenuous typing that you are doing. You may also want to do some body stretching if you find it helpful as well.

Prevention is always better than cure

Lastly, do not wait for that wrist pain to develop into something worse. Find time to consult a doctor or a therapist and seek advice about the things that you should do to avoid wrist pain while typing. You may also want to undergo a physical examination just to make sure that the wrist pain that you are experiencing does not need any serious medical attention or procedure. It is always best to ascertain that you are always fine, especially when it comes to your health. As the saying goes,


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