How The social media Reacted To Salman Khan Being Acquitted

How The social media Reacted

How The social media Reacted To Salman Khan Being Acquitted

How The social media Reacted To Salman Khan Being Acquitted :

After many sessions of court Mumbai High Court finally gave the verdict and acquitted Salman Khan of all charges from the infamous hit-and-run case of 2002.

The actor who was earlier this year sentenced to 5 years in prison has been cleared of all charges and while close ones and fans are really happy about it, there are many who are mad with rage over the wrong acquittal and took to Twitter to express their anger:

How The social media Reacted


Spelling bee: Jury: Your word is Salman Khan. Me: Can I use it in a sentence? Jury: Sorry, there will be no sentence.

— Anurag Verma (@kitAnurag) December 10, 2015


Salman Khan: Scotch aa gayi? Driver: Yes SK: Chicken, Water, Soda? D: Yes.. SK: Then what’s left? Driver: Just-ice SK: LOL.. *Hi5

— Aladdin (@Alllahdin) December 10, 2015


13 years of trolling.

— Biswa Kalyan Rath (@kalyanrath) December 10, 2015


To err is human. To go unpunished in India is “Being Human.” #SalmanVerdict#SalmanKhan

— Neha Yadav (@Superneha83) December 10, 2015


BC mujhe bhi Jaane do ab

— Engineeroholic (@EngineeRoholic) December 10, 2015


Thanks to the #SalmanVerdict, my faith in money ? has been restored.

— hebe (@prophetess_) December 10, 2015


Salman wasn’t drunk at all. The victim had a drunk like hell and doing naagin dance on road #SalmanVerdict

— पाटीलकी (@Patiilki) December 10, 2015


Salman acquitted because the evidence was botched up. Somewhere, Aarushi’s parents must be wishing they had starred in Maine Pyaar Kiya.

— Sorabh Pant (@hankypanty) December 10, 2015


All these people would’ve died in hunger if Bhai was Jailed. Kudos to Indian Judiciary for humanity. #SalmanVerdict

— Hðñèśt Çhèátĕr (@abhishekswain01) December 10, 2015


#SalmanVerdict The country has regressed backwards by 20 years. I though judiciary today is less corrupted thanks to great perks and pay.

— Vaibhav Maheshwari (@studvabz) December 10, 2015


Salman after #SalmanVerdict ?

— Manjeet Sing :Dahiya (@BeingMSD) December 10, 2015


Best for all men to sleep on footpaths on odd days only

— Sidvee (@sidvee) December 10, 2015


Finally we know ! The car was drunk . #SalmanVerdict

— Anjana Om Kashyap (@anjanaomkashyap) December 10, 2015


Arm of law are long but not enough to punish rich & famous people like salman.#SalmanVerdict #RavindraPatil

— K.K.S. (@mahanshukla) December 10, 2015


Now it’s official, Salman owned world’s first driverless car in 2002 #SalmanVerdict

— Always with Truth (@optimistindiak) December 10, 2015


So, neither @BeingSalmanKhan nor his driver was driving the car.I didn’t know autopilot car exists in India #SalmanVerdict .

— Nitesh Bhele (@niteshbhele) December 10, 2015


Next logical step in #SalmanVerdict: Judge declares that it was Shahrukh and not Salman who was driving.

— Roflindian 2.0 (@Roflindian) December 10, 2015


#SalmanVerdict The speed at which justice has not been delivered, this case should be called ‘Hit and Crawl’ case!!!

— (@pushkarbendre) December 10, 2015


Salman didn’t kill them, driver didn’t kill them! Then who killed them? John Cena????#salmanverdict

— Dilwala Doctor (@iamthemaulik) December 10, 2015


The car was drunk, had too much diesel, it caused the accident ! The police should have filed FIR against the car !! #SalmanVerdict

— Sachin (@SachinmOfficial) December 10, 2015


Looks like even the court was High #HighCourt #SalmanVerdict

— Comedian Praveen (@Funny_Leone) December 10, 2015


High court says Salman was in Tarzan the wonder car that night.

— Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) December 10, 2015


Declaring Eid today because Salman khan had a blockbuster release.

— Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) December 10, 2015


High Court Dhan Payo.

— Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) December 10, 2015


Salman should be prison for his dancing abilities alone #SalmanVerdict

— Ameya (@Northstalgia) December 10, 2015

26. But the best was probably this…

Was it really the money that kept Salman Khan out of jail or was he really not guilty? We’re yet to know.How The social media Reacted .


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