Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

Home Remedies to Quit Smoking


grapes juice


10. Grape Juice

The acidic content of grape juice will help to flush out the nicotine from the body, so drink grape juice daily while you are ready to quit smoking.



St._Johns-wort11. St. John’s Wort

This herb is useful in reducing the urge to smoke. It has been studied that 450 mg of St. John’s Wort capsule, if taken twice a day, will help to alleviate the habit of smoking.


hyssop12. Hyssop

Hyssop can be taken to lessen the smoke withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and hysteria. It is also useful in clearing out the lung congestion.






ginseng13. Ginseng

Add a teaspoon of ginseng powder in your breakfast to help reduce the craving for smoking. Ginseng is an effective remedy to prevent the release of dopamine, one of the main components found in nicotine.


Valerian,14. Valerian

Valerian is one of the best herbs to ease out smoking withdrawal symptoms, like stress, anxiety, restlessness and insomnia.



honey-315. Honey

Honey is an excellent remedy in handling the cessation process of smoking. Honey contains beneficial vitamins, enzymes and proteins, which help in giving up the habit of smoking with ease.


herbal smokes16. Try Herbal Cigarettes

You can also try herbal cigarettes that have 0% nicotine in them. These are made with herbs, like mint, cinnamon, licorice, lemongrass, cornsilk, or clover. But, they should not be used for a longer period of time as it also contains some carcinogens.Home Remedies to Quit Smoking.


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