Here’s why we love to live these Bollywood moments!


Here's why we love to live these Bollywood moments!


No matter how much our Bollywood movies are melodramatic, over the top, too noisy, chirpy, and unrealistic but still we love them… don’t we?

Quite often, we just can’t take out a particular scene out of our mind or instinct, and imagine if it would happen in reality. Deep within we wish to live all those moments, fun, excitement, adventure shown in movies.

Well, living in our Bollywood ‘ishtyle’ dream world is not that bad after all ‘sochne ke konse paise lag rahe hain!’

So we brought up some mind blowing scenes from Bollwyood flicks, which at some point you would definitely want to experience in real life.

1. Jab We Met

Jab We Met

Missing your train at the stroke of midnight at a loom station for some handsome (chocolaty) boy like Shahid Kapoor, who races you to the next stoppage of train.

But you miss the train again only to get a chance to explore the night, as you both roam around the city roads, something similar to ‘ratlam ki galiyan’?

Such an adventure! By god?


2. Kick

Who would mind getting a chance to dodge top cops, villains, and super fast bullet train by simply riding on 70000 horse power bicycle? Is that Sallu magic or its extra ordinary bicycle?

I think bicycle..coz Salman himself says, “Ye thoda jyada ho gya”.



3. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Any girl would love to be in Kajol a.k.a Simran’s shoes to get a chance romancing and marrying the ‘king of romance’ himself Shah Rukh Khan a.k.a Raj.

After all only a hardcore lover would dare to deal with khadoos bauji, irritating Mandira Bedi, keeping ‘karwa-chauth’ fast for you and hurdle jumps the terrace just to make feed from his own hands.

“Bade bade desho me aaise choti choti baate hoti rehti hain…Senorita”!



4. Paheli

How it feels to be in love with a ‘bhoot’ as handsome as SRK!

Every woman who is frustrated with her workaholic husband can only dream to have a sparking affair with a loveable bhoot in the form of Shah Rukh Khan.

I am loving it!


5. 3 Idiots

Do everything with perfection!

Handsome, highest scorer in class, most celebrated among friend circle, even the principle accepts your talent; Bebo a.k.a Kareena Kapoor is head-over-heels in love with you …what more you can ask for?

Hush! I want all that in my man!

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