Have the courage to say no to drugs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges in Mann ki Baat


In an emotional appeal to the people of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged Indians to stay away from the menace of drug saying when a youngster gets into the habit of drugs, we consider them bad, but the truth is the drugs are bad not the youth. The Prime Minister also urged youth to have the courage to say no to drugs and tell your friends the same too.

Speaking at his monthly dialogue with people titled ‘Mann ki Baat’ aired on All India Radio, PM Modi said, “Drugs is a psycho-socio-medical problem and we need to see it this way. The solution of this problem are big than medicine and everyone from the society, police will have to work together.

He further added, “Drugs brings 3 things. I call them 3D- Darkness, Destruction and Devastation.”

Questioning where does the money you spend on drugs go, Modi said, “For few hours you may feel it is a different life, free of troubles but have you thought the bullet that has hit the soldier has the money of your drugs. We cannot help terrorists and drug mafia.”

“People feel drugs are cool and it is a style statement,but drugs leads to serious problems. Have the courage to say no to drugs and tell your friends the same too.” said Modi

The Prime Minister also said, “Bad habits don’t start all of a sudden. It happens over time. Parents should study those changes happening and can save the children. For good education children leave their homes & go to hostels for boarding life. There too this problem can happen.

Referring to the letters he has received, Modi said, “Apart from email and messages, I have received more than 7,000 letters on the drug issue at Akashwani. But the letters I have got are inspiring and saddening.”

The Prime Minister also urged celebrities from all walks of life to spread awareness on the issue and asked the citizen to start a social media movement with the hashtag #DrugFreeIndia.”

Thanking media, Modi said, “I want to thank the media. Some TV channels did programmes on drugs. They expressed a concern on the issue”

PM Narendra Modi also referred to his meet with Indian Team that won the Blind Cricket World Cup and said, “I Saw their enthusiasm. It was great, I got energy after meeting them.”

Mentioning that the UN has declared 21st June as International Day of Yoga, Modi said, ” The world came together on the issue. 177 nations were co-sponsors and this is a matter of great pride for India.

Modi initiated this programme last month where he attempts to talk to people over the radio and answer questions raised to him through Facebook and Twitter.



PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ on Drug Menace Today


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