Guru Peyarchi 2016 Thula Rasi (Libra sign)

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Thula Rasi Palangal (Jupiter Transit 2016 Predictions for Libra sign)

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Thula Rasi (Libra  sign) Palangal

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Thula Rasi palangal brings you the predictions on how this Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter Transit) will affect Thula Rasi (Vedic Libra sign) persons in 2016-2017. On 3rd August 2016 Guru (Jupiter), is moving from Simha Rasi (Leo sign) to Kanni Rasi (Virgo sign) and Guru will stay here till 2nd September 2016. This shift is going to bring in several good things and fortune to many. Read below to find out how this Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter Transit) can impact Thula rasi (Libra sign).

Thula Rasi (Vedic Libra  sign) General Traits:

You are generally quick and accurate judging capacity of people (like a precision balance) which will help you to keep and develop the right kind of company, cutting off wasteful ones early.

  • You are a person of limited but precise words.
  • The Lord of your rasi/sign is the dazzling, glamourous Sukran (Venus) and in keeping with that you are attracted to good and rich life style, good and clean environment.
  • You are a person with warm heart and light touch, you seldom hurt anyone with words.
  • You are ready to return favors multiple fold.
  • You are fond of family and children, and are keen to fulfill their needs however big or small they may be.
  • You are also popular among social circles.
  • Your balanced approach and pleasant nature can make you successful in business.

Keep in mind that these generic traits or qualities can get further enhanced or partially subdued depending upon the individual’s birth horoscope.

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Thula Rasi Palangal (Jupiter Transit Predictions):

This Guru Peyarchi, Thula rasi natives would be blessed abunduntly with many benefits. Overall, this guru peyarchi 2016 will bring positive results and will be favorable for you, however you are also advised to exercise some caution.

Thula Rasi Stars:  Chitirai 3rd, 4th pada; Swathy & Vishaka 1st,2nd and 3rd pada

For Libra (Thulam) Jupiter moves from the 11th house to the 12th house. It is generally feared that Jupiter transit to 12th house (viraya sthanam) will have a negative impact. But don’t worry, the good news is when Guru comes to 12th house for Thula rasi, to Thula rasi/Libra persons will be blessed abundantly for next one year (this is because Jupiter is owner of 3rd and 6th house for your Thula Rasi and when he transits to 12th house he brings Vipareeta Raja Yoga). Hence you may get the following benefits.

  • You will be success in all your endeavors and new efforts. You will also be respected more.
  • All your troubles will disappear. You will receive benefits from relatives frequent visits.
  • After transit (Guru Peyarchi 2016), Jupiter will bring happiness in family life and a peaceful domestic life. You will have a great time with family.
  • Wedding initiatives will be fulfilled for son or daughter due to Jupiter aspects on 8th house.
  • More than the house Jupiter is in, Jupiter brings good benefits to houses it aspects. From the 12th house, Jupiter aspects 4th, 6th and the 8th house from Virgo (Kanni). So these houses becomes auspicious for you and will give positive results.
  • You will overcome obstacle in higher education.
  • You may change your old vehicle and buy new vehicle.
  • Some people may buy new house/apartment.
  • 6th house is the house of Health and work activities. The 6th house influences your work, personal goals, routine, schedule and the desire to achieve results in an orderly manner.
  • If you have any health problem, you will get relief from that after this Jupiter transit.
  • Joint venture will be profitable during this period.
  • 8th house is the house of Transformation and Business. The 8th house influences resources, business investments, contracts, personal change.
  • Jupiter’s aspects on 8th house will bring long pending court cases to the end.
  • Your debt level will decrease and you will get relief.
  • Investing in share market will profitable and is a good choice for you during this transit period. You will gain more profit from share market.

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