Guru Peyarchi 2016 Makara Rasi (Capricorn sign)

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Makara Rasi Palangal (Jupiter Transit 2016 Predictions for Capricorn sign)

 Guru Peyarchi 2016 Makara Rasi (Capricorn  sign) Palangal

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Makara Rasi palangal brings you the predictions on how this Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter Transit) will affect Makara Rasi (Vedic Capricorn sign) persons in 2016-2017. On 3rd August 2016 Guru (Jupiter), is moving from Simha Rasi (Leo sign) to Kanni Rasi (Virgo sign) and Guru will stay here till 2nd September 2016. This shift is going to bring in several good things and benefits to many. Read below to find out how this Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter Transit) can impact Makara rasi (Capricorn sign).

Makara Rasi (Vedic Capricorn  sign) General Traits:

  • Very independent
  • Prestige conscious
  • Never bow down to others for acquiring or enjoying personal gains
  • Accept prosperity or otherwise with equanimity
  • Living with definite principles in life
  • Not easily accessed by others
  • Lord of your rasi is Sani, who is known to be impartial and unsparing. You too reflect that quality!

Keep in mind that these generic traits or qualities can get further enhanced or partially subdued depending upon the individual’s birth horoscope.

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Makara Rasi Palangal (Jupiter Transit Predictions):

This Guru Peyarchi, Makara rasi natives would be blessed with many benefits. Overall, this guru peyarchi 2016 will bring you lot of good luck. You will feel enthusiastic and confident.

Makara Rasi Stars: Uthradam 2nd, 3rd and 4th pada, Thiruvonam, Avittam 1st, 2nd padas

For Capricorn (Makaram) Jupiter moves from the 8th house to the 9th house. From the 9th house, Jupiter aspects your 1st house, 3rd house and the 5th house

  • 5th house is also called purva punya sthanam. Jupiter aspects on your 5th house will make all the obstacles in your growth to disappear.
  • You can expect promotion in your job and move to higher position in your organization.
  • Peace will prevail in your family. You will get all comforts in your family. Even your enemies will turn friends.
  • A delayed marriage will take place.
  • Your dream of buying a house or a plot will come true during this period.
  • You will repay all your debts.
  • You will get help from your father.
  • You will get new partnership in business. You will get the financial assistance and expert advice which will help you to bring about major changes in your business.
  • The unemployed will get Jobs.
  • 5th house is the house of Creativity and Pleasure. The 5th house influences your enthusiasm, motivation, romance and a desire for happiness.
  • Jupiter aspects on your 5th house will bless you with a lot of financial gains, respect, reputation, happiness from children, excellent creativity and great luck in matters of the heart.
  • Those who have been waiting for children, can get lucky from this transit as Jupiter will bless them with children.
  • For working professionals this transit also bring with it a promotion in Job and increment in salary.
  • Businessmen can expect great improvement in business.
  • You can expect gains from your long distance journey.
  • 3rd house is the house of Environment and Communication. The house is associated with siblings, connecting with others, learning and your greater conscious.
  • Relationship with your siblings will flourish.
  • Those aspiring for higher studies will pursue your dreams.
  • You may get contacts of social or religious groups or spiritual gurus. This period you are likely to develop interest in Yoga or other means to keep your mind and body healthy.
  • The 1st house is the foundations of ones personality. This house determines the condition of your body, your overall look and your general personality.
  • You will get relief from illnesses and overall health will improve.
  • You will be respected by all and you will get success in your work. You will get recognition for your hard work and get paid more for your work.

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