Google may soon allow users to install apps from Search page


Google may soon allow users to install apps from Search page

Google is rolling out a new feature on Android that makes its search app even more relevant. According to an Android Police report , the Mountain View company is testing a feature that lets Android users download and install apps directly from the Search page without even opening the corresponding Play Store page.

Not everyone is getting this yet, but enough are that it’s probably in the early stages of a wide rollout,” says the report.

The feature reportedly brings up an app permissions window along with the install button every time users type in a search term into the Google app, should the app exist. It seems pretty similar to how search works inside the Play Store, only now users aren’t actually directed to it. Search, download and install works right inside the Google app.

At the same time, it is being reported that the feature does not work inside Chrome, implying that it is a feature of the Google app and not the Google browser.

Google is known to test such features from time to time. It isn’t clear whether the new feature would see the light of day and a wider rollout in the days to come. But, it certainly highlights Google’s core philosophy of making Search more relevant each day.

credit : indiatoday.

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