Gemini Monthly Overview Horoscope nov-2014



This month you need to keep everyone happy even in difficult times. Keep a balance between your personal and professional life so that any one of them need not suffer at the cost of the other. Do not try to achieve your goals at the cost of your family`s peace and happiness. You will meet someone who will make you see the situation in a totally new light. During the second week, as Mercury moves into Libra there could be misunderstandings due to your negative attitude. Your habit of finding fault with everything and everyone could frustrate the people around you. Make some serious adjustments and ask your family for their help if required. Mid month, you may receive a pleasant surprise at work. However, as the month ends, there are indications that the family atmosphere might be fraught with tension due to the movement of Jupiter. You might get into an argument which will make matters worse for everyone. Some old friends of yours may think that you are neglecting them. Call them up at least to show them otherwise. Keep your loved ones happy as they are the ones who will support you in your times of need.

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