Gemini Monthly Overview Horoscope December -2014


5/21 – 6/21

Monthly Overview

This month, you are likely to hear good news or maybe even inherit something as both the planets Jupiter and Mars are in your favour. The news could be a blessing in disguise, as it will enable you to clear all outstanding debts of the family. You feel confident, refreshed, and are at the top of your game. You can out-think, out-play and win – and have the best time while doing so. Mid month, some unexpected good news will lift your spirits, thanks to the influence of Venus and Mars. However, for many of you, this time may have a few repetitive annoyances. You may not have a lot of patience for people that live out the same miserable pattern over and over, and wonder why things aren’t working out. To counter such circumstances, have the facts at hand. When others toss hearsay your way, hit back with the facts, even if it has to be repeated. Work to your full potential and channelise your energy to achieve the desired results. Also, those close to you will assist you in completing your work in whatever way they can. Some of you will have to cope up with a hectic schedule, according to the position of the Sun and Mercury. Don`t succumb to the whims and fancies of anyone, however close. This time calls for peace, quiet, a little time for exercise and meditation or prayer, and some space away from people who like to poke their nose in your life. Aim for low-key, normal activities.

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