Gemini Monthly Horoscope June 2015


It might be a good time to make a thorough scrutiny of the real you, an honest assessment of your face, figure, health and assets and seek to implement a manifest themselves make-over where necessary. Your emotions and desires suddenly, unexpectedly, very powerfully demand immediate fulfilment. The truly intimate and personal you, needs to be examined minutely and where there is room for improvement, positive action be taken. Professionally, June 2015 is a successful month for Gemini.

You’ll need to establish good working relationships with colleagues, subordinates and bosses as well. It’s NOT a time to challenge the system! Stress and neglect both need to be guarded against too. The Jupiter-Venus combination leads to bold initiative and benefic changes. A time for introspective self-assessment with a degree of honesty and objectivity. That way contentment, success, happiness – any or all of them will come from your own changed attitude.

Your love & relationships horoscope for June 2015 is favorable. All your mental activity will be intensely personal, subjective and even egocentric. This month, you are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness, and verbal rapport. You are especially good at mediating conflicts. Try smoothing over differences using your diplomacy skills.

Your physical appearance may be the target of your efforts and you may set out to improve or change your style/approach. In fact, you may be somewhat aggressive and have a short temper. Avoid being over-ambitious. Your attempts will most likely result in success, and June 2015 will prove to be lucky in regard to love. Love affairs may also be stepped up.

You are mostly cheerful in your approach to others, and perhaps somewhat intellectual this month. As a result, fresh acquaintances and friendships come to you, giving pleasure, inspiration and ideas. Venus with Jupiter brings opportunities, especially in activities related to intellect, communication, movement or handiness. Mental expansion and great intellectual growth comes to you now.
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