Gemini 2015 Predictions

Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2017

2015 Yearly Predictions for Gemini

Gemini’s should be prepared as 2015 promises to be a box full goodies and wonderful surprises. There will be heavy flow (both inwards and outwards) of money.   Jupiter transiting your second house blesses you with an rise in your income, better eyesight and enhanced verbal ability. You are likely to feel extra positive and excited about your capability to make money, and you may decide to hone your talents which will prove beneficial in long run. Your desires will surely be granted and this year will prove to be the cherry on top of your destiny. Be careful with your weight as you might start comfort eating.

There is a possibility of mental stress and health problems. You need to draw the lines, what’s more important and to what extent. Keep your cool and you’ll get what you deserve, unnecessary hurry and hard work would lead you to trouble.You might have to compete with your coworkers in the work front with more projects in hand. Yoga will help to counteract the stress and workload.You’ll be confident and enthusiastic.

You are advised to invest your time in “adding value” to your existing skill set and learn new things as well. Fame and recognition will grace you with open arms, hence get put your best foot forward. The first half of the year will prove rewarding, expanding your courage, short distance trips, relation with neighbors and siblings. Your work/job/profession might have become highly demanding and conflicting with your personal goals.Your siblings will make you proud with their success and achievements you might acquire a liking for arts, music, acting and this will urge you to take a class.

Focus in your work front with more discipline and hard work. This will be the perfect time for learning new work skills, hiring new employees, competing against rivals. You have to have to take action in legal matters. Some of you may suffer through loss of social identity and status as your reputation is spoiled by your unwise actions and even enemies. As your life plays in a slow mode you miss out on greater chances that may offer you greater opportunities

Second half the year rahu will be transiting your 4th house, which will give strong desires to move resident to a foreign country. Travel and communication opportunities are foreseen this year and you are likely to make most of it. Relation with mother may strain, hence take time out to pamper your mother with love and care. Added expenditures may soar creating stress, hence spend wisely!   Yoga and meditation would be helpful with any sleep disorder, so start breathing right. Be careful with investments, stock market and speculative businesses during this time.

After July you will the chance to wear your party shoes and socialize with your friends with many celebrations and gatherings. Romance comes in front in its full magnanimity as romantic thoughts stimulate your senses and you feel irresistible rush of love for your beloved. Your wisdom is adored by everyone as you get the opportunity to learn many things now

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