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Gautam Gulati, the winner of Bigg Boss Season 8 thanked his fans to support him unconditionally outside the house. He also revealed that he is still single and waiting for his love of life.

In an exclusive interview to IndiaTV, Gautam said that he did not get much support inside the house but he is very glad to win the show and for the support he got. After getting out of the house, Gautam took a look at Twitter to see the tweets and pictures. He thanked his fans for their love.

Gautam also thanked Bollywood stars who supported him during his stint on the show.

When asked if he had any idea that people would love him so much Gautam said, “I did not know that people would like me so much, but I was in a different zone inside the house as nobody liked me.”

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‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ star was never afraid of losing the game. He said, “There was a war inside the house and when nobody cared for others, I started playing the same game and was left alone”. Gulati who never became abusive on the game further said, “I decided to be straight-forward but I never abused and used foul language against anyone”.

Gautam added that he never imagined that he would get so much support just because he was natural. He said, “I only did what I though was right and at the end of the day I got to win this trophy”.

When being asked why he loves himself, his face, his skin and his body so much, Gautam replied, “Wherever I went somewhere, people told me to become a hero, so I tried to look like a hero even if I could not become one”. Gautam also thanked Ekta Kapoor who gave him a break in entertainment industry, “I am ready to work for her anytime. If she had not selected me I would not even be in Mumbai”.

Gautam even sang the song he made inside the house to tease his co-contestants, ‘We love Gauti’.

Shedding some light on his relationship with Diandra, Gautam said, “We did not even talk in initial two months but she later realized that I was right and she came upto me. We became friends, grew fond of each other and then kissing started. Later I got to know that my mom didn’t like that so I restrained myself”.

When asked if he would continue his relationship with her, Gautam said that there is no point in continuing a romantic relationship if we know that there is no future of it. He added, “I do not want to be reason of some hope for her and later become the cause of her tears. She is a very sweet and nice girl”.

Gautam told us that he talked to Diandra after coming out of house and she told him that they would maintain it as a friendship.

Opening up about his romantic side Gautam told us that he even flew to London to meet his girlfriend on her birthday. He said, “I am a very romantic person, provided there is love. I am a one woman man but there should be a hope that the person would be with me for life”.

On the question if he had found that one girl before entering the Bigg Boss house, Gautam said, “Not yet, I am still single. But if I ever find her I would really like to fall in love.”

Commenting on his future plans, Gautam said, “There are a lot of offers coming for films, so for now I would concentrate on reading script and finalizing.”

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